Wednesday, February 4, 2015

E designs lately

We've done a few kitchen E-Design plans lately we'd like to share.

Powell Brower Interiors
The first scenario is a bachelor who wants an updated but slightly masculine look to his kitchen makeover in his log cabin.  These are the inspiration photos we shared with him:

The second scenario is a 1930's craftsman home with a 1950's kitchen addition made out of an attached screen porch.  Time for new cabinets, raised ceilings, combining the mudroom and kitchen space by demo-ing a wall between the two, and adding new flooring.   She loves subway tile and open shelves.

Surprisingly these two clients have wish lists similar in nature: painted cabinets, wood elements, black, grey and white colors, updated lighting and fixtures.  Here are some product recommendations for each of them.

Powell Brower Interiors
Powell Brower Interiors
There are so many things we love about each of these.  The clients now have a road map to follow as they tackle these projects on their own. 

By putting the plan on paper and visualizing the final result, they have confidence in making sound buying decisions resulting in a custom, up-to-date kitchen design.

Working with a designer can help you avoid costly mistakes and save you time and money. We can't stress enough the importance of a design plan.  Whether we consult in person or through calls and email we will provide support throughout the project. 

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  1. Love the leather hardware you sourced. Both kitchen designs sound like a perfect fit for their owners. Well done.

  2. Love these designs. Great work!

  3. Love your choices. I am dying of rate cedar walls!

  4. I love your plans. Those floating wood and metal shelves are so great in image 2.

  5. I love seeing the "behind the scenes"! Very impressive, ladies! xoxo

  6. I love what you two cooked up for both of these! You should have two very happy clients!

  7. Wonderful ideas and selections! I love the looks you've created: traditional meets transitional, all with a twist! Cheers

  8. Awesome Interior designing ideas! Wonderful trends for new homes.
    Vinayak Sharma

  9. I like your concept of kitchen E-Design plans. I would like to share with you another House Design plans.


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