Friday, January 16, 2015

Zebra: trend or classic?

This could be a trend that is waning, but I still love a good zebra rug, do you?
Zebra stripes are classic and add that grounded 'animal' element to a room.

It's a trend if it dominates your whole decor, it's classic if it is a subtle layer.  That's my thought...what do you think?
Have a great weekend.


  1. Not a trend. A classic that has graced many a room for centuries!! xokim

  2. Now that is a piece of art! Adore!
    You know I love zebra.

  3. I agree Nancy. It's definitely a classic and best used as a layering piece. Cow hides, Cheetah, and sheep skin are in my home ;) in form of area rugs and pillows. It was a huge step to buy my first cow hide. I really like it now and actually have it under my kitchen table;)

    Have a nice weekend ahead! xxleslie

  4. Nancy, I really do believe it is a classic that is here to stay! I have a kind of faux zebra looking rug in my study!
    Have a super weekend!!

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  5. I think you said it well. And a wonderful zebra rug has been around as long as people have been hunting so I say that it isn't a trend.

  6. classic! animal print anything I love and will always be in style. the hide rug may be on its way out though...

  7. Classic! every room can handle a bit of an animal print.

  8. I still want a zebra rug, or at least a black and white cowhide... I haven't purchased one yet! I love them!

  9. I have been in the market for a zebra hide for 3 years although I'm not sure where I will put it. I think they are timeless

  10. SO funny you just posted this I have been staring at a caramel zebra printed cow hide for my living room but feel guilty have an animal fur but then think the poor cow is on someones table so the hide should be used ... oh the dilemma! I thinks it s classic though and check out Bonny Neiman's site she just posted a vintage hide on her instagram!


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