Monday, December 29, 2014

Kitchen obsession

My kitchen obsession continues as I want to announce and affirm my goal this New Year of painting my cabinets and refreshing my kitchen! I keep waiting for a windfall or magical lottery win to do it 'right' but I can't stand it any longer.
 Do you hear me? Hold me to it, please.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Love both these photos. Looking forward to watching your kitchen transformation. Happy New Year!!

  2. I love the exposed brick! Glad you're going to do your kitchen because I need to do mine -- so if you do it first I can learn from you! ;)

  3. I will take either one! Love both1
    Happy New Year, Nancy and Bethany!

  4. We'll hold down the Mr. while you do it if you need us to.

  5. Ha Ha Mr. An Urban Cottage! I could have used some extra muscle when I announced to my change-shy, budget conscious husband that I wanted to annex half of the living room into my kitchen. That meant knocking down a wall and building a new wall. It took several conversations to get him to yes. It's been a hideously long project. We had Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new kitchen, and he kept saying, "My God, I'm glad we knocked that wall down and made the kitchen bigger." Big sighs, smiles, maybe a bit of the head banging on the countertop. I traded an elongated timeline in order to use as much cash as we could and help reduce amount we had to take out of savings. Like childbirth, cooking in the basement is already starting to fade! Best of luck to you. You know you can make it great.

    1. Love this! So happy you enjoyed your new kitchen this holiday! Wish me luck!

  6. I want to redo mine the comment that Home Before Dark left...her husband must be best friends with mine! Hope you two had a wonderful Christmas

  7. My kitchen needs some TLC for sure going on 15 years old the poor thing! Have a wonderful New Year and looking forward to all your great posts in 2015!

  8. Those glass doors are just genius ( if you don't have any toddlers or kids around the house)!!! I can't wait to see your re-do!


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