Friday, November 7, 2014

GTM :: Graphic Tile Movement

I don't know about you but I'm really feeling this one...  I typically shy away from a huge commitment like this bold tile trend but I think I could handle in it a teeny tiny bathroom that we are considering remodeling.  

To test out the theory, we've come up with two options.


I am concerned that while I love this trend, I couldn't live with it (frequent redecorator syndrome).  This is a watered down version that could also work.

I am also jonesing for a teak bath mat style shower floor like this one.  Cool, right?

Can you handle all that pattern or do you favor simpler tile?


  1. Nancy I adore that first image of the powder room!
    The graphic floor makes it!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Love the pattern for the floors, especially the dark versions. I remember staying at a boutique NYC hotel that had teak shower floors and they didn't wear very well - maybe there are better versions now though.

  3. The bolder graphic tile is fantastic. How about doing it in an insert that would cover most of the center of the bathroom, with a black border and white beyond that to the baseboard? Classic, timeless way to use the pattern.

  4. Love the movement Bethany! I want to do this so badly ... and I agree, teeny makes it better for me. Good thing I have a lot of Teeny in #projectdownsize!!

  5. I'm always scared to get too crazy with tile, but those are quite classic looks!

  6. I am LOVING the bold tiles right now. Paired with pretty neutrals, it makes for a stunning look!

  7. I LOVE the bold tiles - but I am always too afraid to commit...and my husband would never go for it! Oh well, always fun to dream!

  8. Bethany I could not agree more...this is exactly the type of flooring I want in my little "chapel" but also find myself clinging to the original hardwood...maybe a soon to be bathroom remodel!

  9. I love pattern in a small bath! go for it!

  10. On a powder room floor, I could take it for sure.

  11. Love it both ways but for my home, simpler is better since I might get tired of the pattern easily.


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