Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Falling for fur

Love these colors, love the mix of textures and love fur. 
 We are sworn animal lovers here and I don't mind saying that we love real fur, in all forms.  

"Ancient Chinese Feng Shui of house design and interior decorating is based on the philosophy that all living things are connected and balance the world." 2

The use of fur and hides in decorating gives a feeling of warmth, earthiness and for us, it reiterates our need to be surrounded by animals.

We sneak it into every project and most rooms in our own homes.  Can you have too much?  Certainly- as with anything use in moderation in decor, but have as many four legged versions as your heart can hold!


  1. Nancy I love the look of the hides as floor coverings (the creamy white are my favorites for my master); although I have yet to pull the trigger!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. animal is like silver jewelry..predicted as a trend that has lasted and lasted..those precious faces made my day!

  3. I love the faux fur throw I put in Kylies bedroom and I need one now for my library. Loving the doggies!

  4. We need to squeeze Gibbs and Nicky in there :) What gorgeous spaces. Love your work. xoxoxox

  5. So agree!!! Love my cowhides and mongolian lamb and of course my real purring fur boys, Max and Simon! Your fur kids made me smile

  6. love all the warmth in this room! Totally agree...

  7. I'm with you, love the texture and feel of something natural in my home. :-)

  8. I am a fur lover too ... in all forms! Love these images and those babies!!


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