Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Easy Stair Runner

We installed a stair runner for our "Project Townhouse" client this week.  The Genevieve indoor-outdoor runner from Ballard Designs was a stylish, affordable and quick fix and matched her decor and pet-friendly requirements.  Deciding last week that she wanted it done before Thanksgiving, we were able to pull it off within a week, thank you Ballard Designs for quick shipping!

This made a huge impact for the price! 

One of the features that makes this polypropylene runner look more upscale is the addition of 1/2" padding supplied by our local carpet installer.  Each step onto a tread feels padded and comfortable.
We were able to schedule the carpet installer within a day or two so we decided to pay the $250 for it to be done professionally.  We would have tried it ourselves in our own homes, but would rather not experiment on one of our best clients!
I love that professionals always have the cool tools!

The next step was to cut pads for the treads with about an inch clearance from the edge and back of the tread.  These were stapled down with minimal stapling.  Carpet tack strips couldn't be used, as the carpet wasn't thick enough and the tacks would have poked through the carpet...ouch!

Then the installer started with the finished edge on the bottom riser and stapled the carpet onto the riser, using the "crane" to push the carpet under the lip of the tread for a crisp edge, and then stapled it down.

The "crane" tool and the kicker for stretching the carpet taught were the key to a crisp tight fit.  Starting a new piece of runner at the back of a tread made it look more seamless.
Being careful to measure side to side so each stair had the same border measurement of wood on either side of the carpet made for a straight ascent to the top.
The whole job took the professionals one and a half hours and cost $250.  The cost of each ( 1'11" x 7'6") runner was $55 and we ordered 3.  This entire job was $420 (not including 2 day shipping). 

The best part is that her dog "Star" now has some traction going up and down the stairs and is no longer afraid of them....extra bonus!

I am totally confident in trying this on my own stairs now and hope this helps you all, too!


  1. I think it looks great. I love the color and the pattern.

  2. it looks fantastic! thanks for sharing the details of how to and the pricing!

  3. I agree, it looks great and love the pattern. I got to see how it's done when the pros installed my stairway carpet too. :-) However, they do it zoo fast!

  4. I am in the market for something just like this!

  5. What a great idea! I think it looks fantastic and I love that you went the extra mile for the dogs comfort!


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