Monday, October 13, 2014

EOS Book Review

Leopard prints and black and white stripes are becoming this girl's trademark.  Get to know Erin Gates and her design work more in depth in her new book:

              Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life

This is a design book I didn't put down until I finished it.  Many of  my 'coffee table' design books are solely in my collection because of the images and variety of style by a well known designer.  I am a visual person, love 'picture books' and rarely read for reading sake.  (I keep thinking I'll read more when I retire; I'm too busy to read!)

Erin started a blog in 2006 and when we joined the party in 2011 hers quickly became one of our favorite blogs.  She speaks to fellow bloggers-turned-designers, like ourselves, and her honesty, bare-all stories are endearing and more often hilarious, like the story of the limo drive to her wedding, followed by sirens and police cars and finding out that it was her limo....( not funny at the time, but she made it laughable!)  The forward by her husband, Andrew, is so sweet and touching, a perfect prelude of what is ahead in future pages.  She talks about good and bad times in their marriage, moving in and out of many rentals in Boston, and finding her dream home in the 'burbs, which she was utterly reluctant in committing to.

Needless to say she has redone the entire house, and her style is amazing- fresh, chic, contemporary, with a mix of family antiques.  We love her style and are thrilled to see more of her home and client work.

Erin opens up about her Body Dimorphic Disease and her childhood of glorious memories being raised by parents in the fashion and architecture industries.  Talent is in her DNA!!!   There's so much I'd like to share, but you really need to order it and read it yourself.

Treat yourself to the Elements of Design book. 
You'll be doing Erin and yourself a favor!


  1. I was wondering if and when she would do a book, great taste and cant wait to see this one.

  2. I ordered her book so I don't have it yet but went to her book signing on Sat here in Atlanta. She was gracious and Andrew was hot! What a great pair:)

  3. This is on my Christmas list. I am happy to support a long time blogger who is still churning it out! So the inside being good is just an awesome-sauce bonus! I love her style and approach and openness about her less than perfect life. awesome!

  4. just ordered mine as well ... having a hard time waiting for the mail!!!

  5. This is on my wish list! Thank you for sharing just enough :). I think we all admire Erin - she is a class act!

  6. I'd really like to read for myself. Such talent

  7. I can't wait to read Erin's book! My daughter went to the book signing in G'town last Friday and has hinted a book may be coming my way soon, so I am patiently waiting. :)

    Hope you ladies have a wonderful week!!! xoxo

  8. convinced, off to amazon
    thanks nancy!

  9. I ordered mine a long time ago, it's to be delivered on Wed! Can't wait, she's one of my favorites!

  10. I like her style too! She definitely has the talents. I am putting this book on my wishlist!


  11. Wow! What a wonderful review. I'm getting the book!


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