Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crushing on orange

One of my go-to's for inspiration is Crush Cul De Sac, do you know her? 

The images are pristine and suck me in everytime taking me to an imaginary place filled with color and beauty.

I can feel the warmth, taste those flavors.  I am going to make this!

Corals and orange are some of my favorite colors and my closet is filled with them. 

Are you doing much for Halloween? As empty nesters with houses too far apart in my neighborhood, we don't get but one or two trick or treaters, so it's pretty low key here.  I miss little ones and making halloween costumes this time of year!

Have fun! I'm looking forward to your photos of your kids costumes and Halloween decor!


  1. I love orange, too! In fact, I have a persimmon sweater that I'm wearing today and an orange front door. I'm taking my middle schooler and third grader out for tricks-or-treats on Friday, but it is supposed to snow here!! Monday it was in the 70s. Michigan is crazy! Happy Halloween, Nancy! :)

  2. I didn't know Crush Cul de Sac ... fabulous!! Thanks for the share! Happy Halloween, you know I am an orange fan!!

  3. Love all the Orange photos ... YUM, do you have the recipe?

  4. Love those colors too, they come out in my home every fall and I WISH to add more! Costumes for us won't be so 'all-out' this year, but we'll be sporting a whole weird mix!

  5. Autumn colors are so warm and inviting Nancy! These images are showing the best of that feeling!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. Love the fall colors. I have added a bunch of orange to my decor this year. As for Halloween, we get a bunch of kids all fact, I still need to buy the rest of my candy!

  7. I love it and always will its warm and fun and that room with the hide!! WOW!

  8. Now those images are inspiring to me too! I have never used orange in my own home but I love it every time I see it! I live in a small subdivision but there are just a few kids and they don't trick or treat! My two girls are too old now and my grand baby is too little. You can always dress up Gibbs and parade him around the neighborhood!


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