Friday, October 24, 2014

Black or white?

We have had a year of all white kitchens and I still love them.
  Now we are seeing as many black kitchens as there are white.  This is a problem, since painting my cabinets is on my TO DO LIST this winter and my tastes change so frequently.   I don't want to be trendy, but I do desperately need to update and I am loving so many kitchen designs. This is one of my favorites:

Right now my vote is on 2 tone kitchens; a little of both.
How do you feel about all black kitchens?



  1. I think a two tone option is the way to go. The best of both worlds.

  2. I like either all black or all white....not sure about the two tone...but I could be persuaded. Happy Weekend!

  3. I like both depends on the kitchen and the lighting..

  4. I say black. I'm putting the final touches on my new kitchen and it's black, stainless, clear maple. Love it!

  5. Personally I prefer two toned, it adds more drama I think.

  6. Love it too and oh-so-elegant, only problem with black is you see all the stains and dirt on black. :-)

  7. I personally couldn't do an all black kitchen but I did go outside my comfort zone and painted our kitchen island a deep graphite color in our all white kitchen earlier this year. I still love it and am glad we did it.

  8. Nancy, I am getting ready to step out of the box and paint my kitchen a color! I am thinking it will be two toned but still deciding. I love two toned kitchens but when I was at Kohler, the survey they took with their consumer panel said the general public doesn't like two tone so if you are thinking of resale I would do one color but if not go for it! I know whatever you do will look fabulous! Happy Weekend! Lisa

  9. I say unless you know you are moving soon why worry about resale. Live with what you love it's your house now ! I don't know if you watch the Jenny Project with Jennie Garth doing a remodel of her home but she did a black cabinet kitchen and I loved it.

  10. Nancy I do like the combination of black with white and wood flooring. .it can be so striking! !
    The Arts by Karena

  11. Well, the american style is surely different from what weve got here, in Romania, but I do love 'love it, and I love a black kitchen, as well as a white one, and, when I had to choose mine, I went with both!:) And I still love it, after one and a half years! Here is my kitchen, a more modern style, and some may call it cold, but for me, it's as cozy as can be!:) :


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