Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Fall

It's officially fall and I'm officially on board.

I am continually inspired by the colors in nature and all around me. 
When we were at Bethany Beach Delaware last weekend, even the ocean, the light, the atmosphere seems to have changed since summer.

This photo on a gray, windy day led me to dream about blue, olive and tan color schemes.

Then I dreamed of river stones and pebbles as new color schemes:
These would be a lovely addition to a neutral room. 
What colors are you thinking about lately?


  1. Happy Fall Nancy and Bethany! Today, I fancy aubergine and yellow--but then I am busy planting container flower gardens for fall and winter. Those two colors are my favorite pansies. I was so in love with the color combo I bought quite a few. My deck will be bright and colorful when grey skies prevail. Enjoy your week.

  2. Loving the darker tones of Grey, putty, stone and bricks. I say with all my heart Welcome Fall.

  3. I love all the soft colors of blues and the pop of pretty!

  4. Gorgeous combination, Nancy and love your image! Happy Monday!

  5. Those pumpkins! .. they are popping up everywhere;) I love all the colors here today. I'm loving the Navy Blue! Fall is such a special time of year. Even though I no longer have kids I still feel the change and need to nest. I am looking forward to unpacking my throws and doing some cooking when the kitchen is finished. Chocolate Chip Cookies might be the first thing I make:) Happy Monday! xxleslie

  6. Oh these images are beautiful ... I love the olive blue tan trio! Happy Fall!

  7. Welcome back, Nancy! I can't believe summer is over.....right? Hope you and Bethany are well rested and ready for a fabulous fall!! Time to bring out the sweaters. Ciao ciao

  8. LOVE that color palette! So thrilled it's finally Fall...I can't get enough! :)


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