Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A living room redo

Remember this post on our beach vacation?  I can't stop dreaming about updating the beach house, so I've put my ideas to paper.  One of things Mom and I talk about all the time is how to decorate the house and update it without losing the distinct sense of style that my Aunt and Uncle initially gave it.

In an effort to add function to form, I took the liberty to add curtains to the living room.  The window-lined room can get incredibly warm after the midday sun beams in so shade would be helpful.  We don't want to block or deter from the views, so sheer, unobtrusive panels would be best.  I have these same panels in my own bedroom at home and they are inexpensive and have wonderful texture.

Batik and block-print textiles nod to the fabrics initially chosen to decorate the house.  This fish pillow reminds me so much of the beach vibe and the existing bed linens they still sport on the beds (see picture below).

An ottoman as a coffee table would do wonders to ratchet up the comfortability factor in this room.

Sets of bunched together recliners or swivel chairs would also add comfort to the equation.

Replacing all of the carpets would be a nightmare on the pocketbook, so adding in a (washable) layer accent rug would really help.  We love how affordable and easy to care for Dash & Albert rugs are. It also repeats the blue and white stripes of the outside awning!

The current sofa is a modest mid-century piece with straight wooden arms.  Something clean lined and simple will work best.  Treated with one of the many fabric protectants would be well served in this salty climate.

The best time to use a nautical pendant, contrary to popular kitchen design concepts, is in a real beach house so I had to add this DWR piece.

My relatives have a piece of live edge wood resting on a console table nearby (see picture below) and I always dream of putting hairpin legs under it and making it a side table.

What's your favorite thing about a beach house?


  1. I love your ideas...especially the blue pillow with the sandy colors of the sofa...I like the pop of rust in the ottoman too..

  2. If you put your inspiration board into action, it would be beautiful!!

  3. Love that fish fabric. I think your board is a winner!

  4. Bethany first of all the view and then bringing in art and colors that reflect the sea and sand!

    Stunning Fine Art Photography by Darryll Schiff

  5. I love your mood board Bethany especially that sofa, it's perfect there!

  6. I featured you as my inspiration for my post today! All about the rust my friend! thanks!!


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