Monday, August 18, 2014

The latest from Darryl Carter

Enter September 2014's issue of Elle Decor.  
Our favorite feature:  The Calming Influence of Darryl Carter.

Here Darryl works with a Washington, DC couple with 3 young boys in transforming their 100 year old Spanish stucco home into a chic, functional and fun home with amazing creative D. Carter touches.

Take this amazing dining space with a mix of vintage Milo Baughman armchairs and circa 1952 chairs by Laverne International surrounding a custom dining table. The light fixture was designed by Darryl Carter after crumpling a piece of paper and then having a local craftswoman construct it out of sanded glass and steel. 
 I am seriously in love with that piece.

In the left image below Carter used 4 reclaimed metal trays used in plaster making hung as an art feature in their master bedroom.  

The kitchen above features custom heartwood cabinetry in a beautiful asymmetrical designed space.
He has beautifully blended minimal and modern with sculptural furnishings to add warmth and character.

I'm a huge fan, are you?


  1. Definitely, I am a huge fan. I truly admire his interiors and his resourcefulness to incorporate or reinvent a antique or architectural salvage into something unique and rare for the homeowners. Nice post.

  2. LOVE the artwork (rusty panels?) in the living room!!

  3. Yes, this was amazing! I'm planning to do a post too - really think he went above and beyond his past work with this home.

  4. Oooh, so much to love, that dining room is gorgeous! I need to check out the magazine!

  5. Love the art and I adore that kitchen!! He is wonderful!!

  6. This house was on the Cleveland Park house tour a few years ago and it was really stunning in person -very different than in the pictures. It actually got one of my coworkers at the time who toured it with me to go work for Daryl although she just recently left!

  7. All I can say is WOW and yes, I'm a fan, a new fan!

  8. amazingluxury home builders in Los Angeles! I'm going to bookmark those colors for when I redo my house.

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