Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Find us today at TG Interiors

Today we are guest posting over at TG Interiors, to help Julie out during this much needed time with family.

Do you subscribe to all the recent trends or 'colors of the year'? I've included some tips on staying 'current'.

 Come join the conversation on "Trending or Not"and see what predictions are for fall.
Thanks for your support and share some love with Julie during this difficult time.


  1. Thanks so much girls for helping me out...your the best!

  2. Running over to one of my favorite blogs, TG Interiors! I "try" not to go with the trends or the color of the year.

  3. Wonderful! Enjoyed your guest post, Nancy! We're back in DC for a little bit, and hoping to return to Maine again. Hugs to you both - L


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