Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DIY leather and wood shelf

This project isn't brain surgery but I continue to have fun with projects in our design business.  Putting my 'hand stamp' on things in a room makes it feel more special, plus I'm a 'hands on' kind of girl and my brain is always conjuring up and testing new ideas.  This one is unbelievably simple.

1. Find some matching leather belts ( I got mine at a thrift store for 1.50@) and cut off the buckle. Make the 2 straps the same length and 'square' the ends.

2.  Cut your scrap of wood the length you need. I made mine 24" x 8" long so it would span the 16" wall studs.

3. Figure out the placement of the shelf on your walls and mark the studs.  Nail right through the leather into the wall studs.

4.  Place the shelf between the leather straps.  No real need to adhere the straps to the wood; it's not going anywhere!

I don't know of an easier way to make and hang a shelf!  Hope you can use this idea! 


  1. Very cool idea nancy! Love it!

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  2. this would have been something I would have loved when my Charles was a boy...sure miss him being a boy!

  3. Oh YES, I'm really loving this!

  4. Simple but GENIUS! I'm on a hunt for some good ol' belts! Thanks Nancy!

  5. Hey, I'm not a DIYer but I can totally do this! How cool! How fabulous!! xoxo

  6. So simple and genius! Thanks ladies, for this very doable DIY


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