Monday, June 2, 2014

Olive a new neutral

I was reading recently that OLIVE is the new neutral. 
Don't you think just about any color in it's palest form (least amount of color saturation) can be called a neutral?  
Then I started searching color combinations with a pale, neutral olive green.  

      Green paired with coral is beautiful.  
I love this "Succulent" pattern of olive and coral by Mary Kysar
or in olive and gray,

or her wallpaper "Lush" pairing olive and coral, turquoise and black, although hardly neutral.

Bethany's master bedroom pairs neutrals (easily could be khaki, olive or army green) with coral draperies.

Have you discovered  Fresh Hues Brushstrokes?
Amazingly professional and beautiful color combinations; a great place to go for inspiration.

 I love wearing olive/army green and coral lately.  My bedroom in the '70's was olive green...guess it's back!
Have you used olive green in your decor currently? 


  1. Fascinating! I can absolutely see how olive can be a neutral. I'm especially loving it at a kitchen cabinet color lately.

  2. Interesting. I'm with Camille, I can totally see Olive as a neutral.

  3. On my pinterest fashion board I have a great pic of olive jeans w/a black top. The originally pinned termed it a neutral too. I think you may have just early-spotted a trend.

  4. Absolutely! Love it in your pretty inspiration pics, too! Could Olive be the new name for 70's Avocado? :)

  5. Love the combination of the olive and the coral! Have a fabulous week, Nancy! xoxo

  6. I love a gray olive tone, its almost a French gray feel. Great post!!

  7. The first photo of the macaroons ... the color palette says "french" to me (oui, the cookies do as well). Sadly I've never been to Paris but I've heard it said that white / cream + black + a muted green is a very parisian palette. I actually use that palette plus an eggplant tone on our walls in our master bedroom and after years of erring too feminine or totally forgetting myself in our space, this color combo works equally well for us both.

  8. Oh please not olive/moss! I just got rid of all mine - it is so dark and really made my small home smaller. I won't go back! Don't make me! Ahhhhhhhhh! (Crazy lady scream!)

  9. I have! Love olive green. Green is a redheads best friend.

  10. I have not sued olive green in my decor but I do have an olive tree! does that count? We moved it from our old house....but it does not seem to be adapting well...fingers crossed it can recoup. Olive green is such a beautiful color. Those macaroons!

  11. I just painted something with a little light olive green in it today.
    Love the color combos

  12. interesting ... haven't seen a lot of olive but if I used it? def with coral.. so cool together.

  13. Hi Nancy, Gorgeous combinations of colors. I like the corals and the olive .. not something I would have though I'd like but it looks so pretty here.

  14. I think this post might be talking me back into my green couch that I am so desperate to kick to the curb. It's sage rather than olive, but coral does complement it really well. I will have to check out Fresh Hues and get inspired to love it again. Thank you Nancy :)

  15. Nancy-
    It doesn't matter which color I chose to love, I always come back to olive, always! It mixes with almost every color, after all, it is a part of nature.
    Love your images. Beautiful.

  16. I love olive green! I think it is a very sophisticated color and I have used it for my living room curtains! Glad it's back on trend now. :)

    P/S: By the way, I am having another great giveaway, so come by and enter!

    Have a good day!



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