Monday, May 19, 2014

Winning and Dog Decor

to Bethany and her bulldog, Seamus.

He won Best of Winners in the Bulldog classes and then Best of Breed at the AKC Mattaponi Kennel Club show this weekend!  

They truly have a bond and are equally happy to just be in a show together, much less win it! He is doing great and the Browers have alot of fun showing their 'show moose', as we call him. His grandparents are so proud!

Our animals are a huge part of our lives, and we are always saying they make the best furry accessories. Having a dog (or cat) doesn't mean you can't be stylish in your decor! Domaine Home featured some fabulous canine decor.

Have a great week and hug your pets!


  1. Yay! What a superstar duo!!! Congrats! With 2 doggies, I definitely need to chic up the place - help!!! Have a fabulous week - xo

  2. This is fabulous ... definitely looks like a loving relationship, resulting in a win! What a perfect weekend for the show, too.

    My poor pets were neglected beyond belief for the past three days, as I set up and worked the Lucketts Spring Market. With this behind me, I plan to make up for my absence by spending as much time as I can with them ... in between stints of working my tail off in the garden, of course.

  3. Congratulations to Bethany and Seamus...the second picture is perfect! I hope you both have a fantastic week! xoxo

  4. Hooray for Seamus! Congrats to you all. He looks like such a sweetheart!

  5. Congrats!! You can tell he's got personality plus, I bet he steals their hearts!

  6. My daughter wants to steal him!! But I am not sure I can lift that big guy and run with him.. what a mush!

  7. Seamus is too too cute!! Looks like he knew he won.

  8. Wow! A huge congrats to Seamus and Bethany, that is so great!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. Woot! woot!!!! No doubt, Seamus is a real beaut! So happy for you all!

  10. congratulations! that picture of Bethany and Seamus is precious!! they are both smiling and look super happy. my animals are my life and i totally understand that level of involvement. beautiful!


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