Friday, May 9, 2014

Inspired by nature

Nature is screaming at me for inspiration lately, since I'm knee deep in outdoor projects, gardening and keeping up with our 6 acres.  Here are some fun outdoor spaces and coordinating blooms. 

Wouldn't this Hellebore be gorgeous in this room? I need some of these! Check out the amazing photography by bbclare.

I love this outdoor room by the talented Ginger Barber

and I can picture it surrounded by dogwoods.

Have a wonderful weekend and hope it's beautiful weather for being outside! You'll find me at the garden center and farmers market picking up more plants!


  1. OH I need to get outside so badly!! If I can finish painting kitchen cabinets this weekend, next week you'll find me outside as well!! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to you! xo

  2. After the winter we've all had, outdoor anything, but especially relaxing and entertaining is at the top of mu list! Thanks nancy!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Nancy, it's gonna be in the upper 80s next week - time to open up that pool :) Have a fabulous Mother's Day! We are unpacking a new shipment - xo

  4. I can't wait for the pollen to stop dropping so we can move outside!! :)

  5. Beautiful images. Had plans to dig in the dirt this weekend, but now it looks like rain! boo!!

  6. Hard NOT to be consumed with thinking about outside, as pretty as the weather has been recently. I'll be at a garden center tomorrow, too, for professional reasons ... giving a rose program in Richmond in the morning. I imagine there will be a bit of time afterward to hit my favorite shopping spots to see what kinds of treasure I can find. (BTW, you do need some Hellebores. They are the most recent object of my garden hoarding. I love them, and you will, too.)

  7. SO pretty! I love this time of year - I looked out into our backyard from the second floor this morning and even though it was pouring rain, it looked green! Have a beautiful Mother's Day, Nancy! xoxo

  8. Oh wow! Nature is full of beauty and surprises!
    This is such a beautiful post, Nancy, and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  9. I have a hard enough time keeping up my patio! I can't even imagine 6 acres !!! Wow. The images are beautiful and inspiring. I'm looking forward to a long summer.


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