Friday, April 4, 2014


I need to get to work on sprucing up my porch and yard on the cheap.  My husband and I made the decision to not put much more money into our home as we plan to move this time next year.  I've got the foundations to make a cute patio but just need to add the springtime herbs, potted plants and maybe a nice mosquito plant! Here's the vision.

I got this cute awning last year and it's added so much charm to the outside of our cedar-sided cottage.  I highly recommend it!  The sitting area was super inexpensive, too, but needs a fresh coat of paint or stain.  The pillows are a steal right now and come in the best colors! And the indoor/outdoor rug was also a great deal and helps Winston scoot around outside. The rest we'll have to keep to bare minimums in order to spruce up on a dime.

To Do:
Paint chairs and table black - $
Add a tall planter with mosquito plant - $$
Stain deck (possible powerwash again?) - $$
Add herbs and potted plants to the deck for easy picking! - $

What's on your to-do list this spring?


  1. Cute plans - and that awning is adorable!
    I need to strip and paint an old tiered metal plant stand that I found, and then really focus on filling our existing planters with nice arrangements. I've just kind of thrown geraniums in them in past years, but would like to do more this year. Guess I better get on Pinterest to get some ideas!

  2. Wow I love that planter idea!! We are by a stream and water so mosquito issue can be bothersome! Thanks for tip! Have a great weekend!

  3. Lvoe this! Mosquitos seek me out wherever I go.
    Happy Friday.

  4. Looks like a great plan Bethany! The awning for sure will be a nice touch. I need to get ours ready too, the cleaning and setting up will be the only major hurdle for us. :-)

  5. Looking good....I love the black and white theme...

  6. Loving the tall potted mosquito plant idea. BTW what is a mosquito plant?? Cant wait to see what you do with your herbs too. I did basil last year and I loved having fresh herbs at my disposal, I'm definitely branching out this year and planting more.

  7. It'll be beautiful...
    I have sooo many things to do!

  8. Nancy my patio looks like the needs so much TLC I don't know where to start!

  9. The awning is cute and functional. What a great way to add a little charm.

  10. oh I love this plan! I'm so determined to get our deck in order this year!


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