Friday, April 11, 2014

High Point Market Recap

How to describe my impression of my first time at High Point Market? 


(It's like when I took my kids to Disneyworld and they walked into the M & M store and their jaws dropped, they giggled with glee and began running all around, touching everything!)  
High Point is Disneyland for Designers!

I drove 5 hours to High Point and met up with my roommates Kim Macumber and Linda Holt, from the Boston area.  They had been to Tobi Fairley's seminar that morning and were bubbling with excitement and information to share. We headed off to the showrooms and honestly never stopped except to take a shuttle back to the hotel and collapse in bed from exhaustion each night and do it all again the next day... x 4! I couldn't possibly see it all, but let me summarize the best of what I did see.

My favorite showrooms were:
  • Visual Comfort
  • Hickory Chair
  • Four Hands
  • Tomlinson
  • CR Laine
My favorite speakers were:
  • Lisa Ferguson and Jennifer Brouwer " Get and Close More Ideal Clients Faster"
  • Kimberly Selden "More Money, More Profits"
  • Lloyd Princeton " Evolving your Business"
There were unforgettable introductions like Tracy Hiner of Black Crow Studios, Aerin Lauder signing her book at Visual Comfort, Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita blog, 

and more eye candy than you can imagine; and did I mention unlimited cocktails and hors d'oeuvres? I can't believe I got sick of 'finger foods'! We finally sat down to a meal the third evening, after craving salad and a substantial meal.

Enough talk-I know you want to see the sights:

Hickory Chair
Hickory Chair (yes, those are 3 IKEA chandeliers in the Suzanne Kasler room)
Caracole chair
Robert Abbey lighting
cool art at Barloga Studios
a showroom tour by Christian May of  the blog Maison 21
a giant rug in process at Surya
unique finds from Acquisitions Ltd, UK
new collection from Aidan Gray home
I could go on and on but I will have to show you more another time.  The textiles, the rugs, all the sexy chairs you could imagine, beautiful lighting and accessories--just stimulus overload for 4 days. It was heaven! I hope you have experienced HP market or get to go in the future! It was a bucket list trip for me!


  1. Welcome back!! I enjoyed every single shot you posted on Instagram!! What fun! What inspiration! Thanks for the break down, Nancy. xo Loi

  2. Going to High Point is on my bucket list! So excited that you got to go and what fun to connect with Kim and Linda. Thanks for sharing all of the goodness!

  3. Loved following you girls on IG, what fun - I'm adding to my bucket list!! :)

  4. Nancy-
    I am making plans to go soon! I know that you had so much fun. Would love to meet Christian. He is a talented hoot!
    Hickory Chair and Visual Comfort would have been my hangouts o doubt!
    Thank you for sharing while there and now. I enjoyed following along.

  5. I adore that first that real?? I was following you vicariously on instagram and it looks like you had a blast!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! xoxo

  6. I'm so happy for you Nancy! And indeed your pictures show how delighted you were while you were there! I would love to see or meet Aerin Lauder and oh my, so many beautiful things to admire!!! Glad your back and still longing for more of your High-point pictures!

  7. It looks like Disneyland to me! How fun! Thank you for sharing your experience and photos!

  8. One day i will get there. You are right, just like disneyland!

  9. What a great time nancy, I love seeing you meet up with so many of our talented friends!!
    Love, love the Acquisition Lmt tables, so cool!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. So fun to finally meet you in person! You were as sweet and beautiful as I expected! Bethany must come next time!!! oxox

  11. Eye candy everywhere!! Disneyland for Designers indeed! I love the recap, I would absolutely love to attend one year!

    The Glam Pad

  12. I wish I could pick your brain for hours!! Loved seeing these peeks into Market!

  13. Thank you for visiting our Hickory Chair Showroom during market! We are truly honored to be included in your market recap story!

  14. xo! i'll miss you this fall! ;-(


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