Monday, March 31, 2014

If I can't get outside yet to garden

I'll have to settle for virtual gardening!  Another miserable weather weekend (even snowed on Sunday!) brings more wishes of spring weather, so I can get my hands in the dirt.   
Things like this make me so happy.

I've really been adding alot of indoor plants lately.  Here is a cool idea for a vertical planter:

Things we can be doing now while we're waiting for the weather to improve are:

  • put some epsom salt and sugar in the hole before planting to make them larger, leafier and greener 
  and maybe your garden will look like this:

Have a great week!


  1. Nancy you have read my mind, as I went to get two new indoor plants to brighten things up, plus pansies (for now) Expecting quite a bit of rain this week...

    The Arts by Karena

  2. No kidding I need to go out today and buy flowers etc, I am so sick of my dreary "Spring" here in NJ!

  3. I will have to keep these ideas in my head. I love your ideas here.
    I am growing grapefruit and Meyer lemons form seeds. The grapefruits are around 3 inches so far, and the Meyers are just now seeding. Isn't it fun to get your hands in dirt? Especially after this winter!

  4. I didn't know about the salt and grounds! I better start saving up my coffee grounds then. Thanks for the great tips dear!

  5. Nancy! You and I both are waiting to get our hands dirty! We had snow on Friday, wind on Saturday, then Sunday was actually very pleasant! But today? Cold again with snow in the forecast. But I have been living vicariously through blogs that share such beauty! And thank you for your kind and lovely words today my friend! Many, many hugs! Anita

  6. That last photo was so beautiful! I seem to kill everything. But our rosemary in our garden is growing so nicely! I can't wait till it gets huge. It's supposed to ward off mosquitoes too.

  7. Gorgeous! I love the last photo! I hope Spring will arrive soon...we had snow this morning. :(

    Have a fabulous week!! xoxo

  8. I was craving warm weather and just bought my first fiddle leaf fig for the living room...I am PRAYING I can keep it alive. I'm thinking about signing to it everyday just so it know I care...Sounds crazy? Maybe. With as many plants as I've killed doing all the "right" things, I'm willing to try.

    How could are those egg seedling "planters"??

  9. Nancy, Good for you for .. finding a way to bring spring in:) Love those egg shells with seedlings!! I wanted to try to do something similar but with our move.. I'm out of time. Wishing you gorgeous spring weather! xxL

    1. ..for you!! It's late and I'm pooped so my eyes are going...........

  10. Nancy I am so ready to get outside in my garden too! I am always super fired up to garden for about 2 months into spring and then my passion starts to wane. :) I have that first plant you showed with the pink flowers, I don't know what it's called but it can completely die off and then the next thing you know, it starts sprouting up again. Ask me how I know!


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