Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY X Benches

I have been bugging my husband for months to make me some "x benches" and he made me two for Christmas! I was so swamped at the time I got them, that I put off doing the upholstery until things slowed down and I decided on fabric. 

 I bought this beautiful metallic herringbone linen  from GrayLine.  When it came it was honestly so overly shiny and metallic that you couldn't see that it was linen, just silver.  So, I washed and dried it, which calmed it down a bit.

Here are the steps and materials I used:

1-2. Cherry wood bases and plywood square tops with a raised cherry trim around the seat (and an extra top piece to staple the fabric to) 
3. Using the plywood square cut to eventually set in the recessed top, I used it as a template to cut the foam with a bread (serrated) knife..just like cutting a loaf of fresh bread with a sawing motion.
4. Making sure the foam was slightly over the edge of the plywood
5. Materials needed for the cushion are foam, 3M spray adhesive and a serrated knife. (an electric knife is great for cutting foam, but I didn't have one.)
6-7. Using a staple gun secure one side, then it's opposite side repeatedly, moving around the square pulling the fabric taught, as you are stapling it to the plywood (just like stretching a canvas for painting)
8. The top fabric covered foam piece is set into the recessed trim around the top of the bases, screwed from underneath 
9. The finished product and here it is in it's current spot (soon to be rearranged....).

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  1. Is he taking orders? Those look great! Love the fabric!

  2. I'm with Rene.... I'd order a pair in a heartbeat! Love the linen you chose and good to know that with a wash it looks perfect. As I've said before your family makes a great Team Decorate, such talents!

  3. That fabric is gorgeous, and how fortunate are you to have such a talented hubby! They look beautiful!

  4. Nice job on the upholstery! It is so nice to have bespoke furniture especially if it is your husband that is the craftsman.

  5. Those look great! Such a nice fit with the table!

  6. Beautiful! Your hubs is quite the craftsman too!

  7. I wish my husband could make things. Lucky lady. :)

  8. I adore your x benches. I think we need to set your hubby up in his own business!! Happy St. Patty's Day, Nancy and Bethanny!

  9. They came out great! I love the fabric and the best part is that they are homemade! What a great collaboration!


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