Saturday, January 25, 2014

There's a reason why this girl's famous

It's called perfection, all the way around (and up). Texture, form, emphasis, unity, contrast, rhythm and movement--loads of it.  Kelly Wearstler's got it and I want it!


  1. It would be interesting if you could describe some of the details of each of those qualities. I get some of them but others not. I absolutely love the room too!

    Incidentally, Kelly Wearstler's blog and mine were both nominated last year for "Best Presentation" for the Design Blogger's Conference Awards. I thought was a huge compliment but I didn't bother to campaign. I didn't win.

  2. Your home is so FABULOUS!! Articles like yours are exactly why I subscribe!! I must admit I've gone a little topiary crazy lately:) Hope I'm able to prune as well as you.Beautiful house design

  3. Love everything. So interesting! Everything has thought behind it.


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