Thursday, January 23, 2014

exception meet rule

One of the glories of blogging is being able to express your opinion freely and one of the side effects of being mildly creative is an ever-changing, flip floppy mind.  I saw Hannah Maple's recent install and I was all 'nevermind, I'm not totally sick of industrial-chic'.

She killed it for clothier Morton James.  They must be swooning too!  

Hannah is my this years' Amber Interiors.


  1. She is very talented - started following her on Instagram a while back. There's always an exception to every rule, isn't there?!

  2. Yep, happens every time I say I don't like something - some talented person changes my mind!!

  3. You are soo funny! I like industrial as long as its mixed in with other styles. These were great!!

  4. Such a beautiful design. The look is clean, sophisticated and practical. Thanks for the intro I will check out her website.


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