Friday, November 22, 2013

The Statement Chair

  Do you own a "statement chair'?

One King's Lane launched a new a Decor Resource Center where you can learn about the history of different types of chairs.  They have compiled a timeline describing which chairs were popular at different times.  My personal favorite chair, The Falcon Chair, was not listed on the timeline but is too good not to mention.

The Falcon Chair rose to popularity in the 1970s during the Scandinavian Modern movement. I acquired mine when I got married in 1975 and still love it today!  The Falcon chair was designed by Sigurd Ressell and manufactured by Vatne Mobler Norway.

 My husband and I loved Scandanavian Modern when we got married; since we were both raised in homes with antiques, this was our attempt at breaking away from our roots and developing our own style.  Some of our early acquisitions are no longer with us, but this chair and several other teak mid-century modern case goods are mixed into the 'transitional' style decor in my home.  Here is the Falcon Chair in our master bedroom today.

Bookmark the One King's Lane Decor Resource Guide for your design files today! Hopefully the Falcon Chair will be added to their guide!

Do you have a 'statement' chair?


  1. You know I love a Statement Chair!! This one is fabulous ... I am so happy you still have it!! xo

  2. I love that you and your husband developed your own style together, and that this chair is part of that! It looks so comfy and cool.

  3. Beautiful chair Nancy and interesting about OKL...going to check out the link.

  4. Decor resource center is indeed a great place to learn history of different types of chair and I really have great time studying that resource center. I don't have a statement chair but seems like it's worth having one. A very comfortable piece of sitting it is!!

  5. That's one cool chair. I've never seen one before. For a design lover who probably like to switch things up on a regular basis, it's great you've been able to hang on to it for so long.

  6. I love that OKL provides such great information! And your chair is very cool!

    Have a great weekend!!! xoxo

  7. Very cool and it looks so comfortable!

  8. My parents had this chair until one of the straps broke. I remember it being so comfortable. Great piece, Nancy!

  9. Nancy, the Falcon chair is very good looking!
    It looks so comfortable as well.
    The Arts by Karena

  10. Very cool chair, and thank you so much for your support yesterday I appreciate all the kind words.

  11. Love the chair its super cool and funky. I need a statement chair!

  12. Your falcon chair is fabulous!!!! And what a fabulous resource at OKL, thanks for the tip! I love chairs... my husband is seriously ready to check me into a 12-step chair-aholic program!

    The Glam Pad

  13. I love it! I've never heard of a falcon chair! We got married in '74, and our big claim to fame was our brick and board bookshelves, and lots of hand-me-downs! Is it comfortable? ;)

    1. It is very comfortable Donnamae, but it is a little bit fragile, so we put it in the bedroom to preserve it. It's not one of those chairs you plop down on. We have replaced a wooden leg before.

  14. Cool when you can find a funky chair to add to your decor

  15. A definite statement piece Nancy!!! It's a real keeper, love the lines of your chair! I still have to make my statement chair post too! been so busy lately, you know, holiday party season! Yey! ;-)

  16. Oh wao!! I love it! I don't think I had seen anything like it before. have a wonderful Sunday!

  17. Hi Nancy, I do have a statement chair...a pair of them actually.
    I love that you kept your chair all this time.
    I certainly wish I'd kept my parents Knoll furniture...I had no appreciation for it when I was young!


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