Thursday, August 29, 2013

Removing textured ceilings

Yep, I had to try it. I am in the middle of a powder room makeover so this small 4 x 5' ceiling was the perfect guinea pig for me to remove the disgusting textured ceiling.  It was a royal mess but not difficult at all. The smartest thing I did was cover the floor and drape a disposable dropcloth over the toilet and vanity.

I just took a spray bottle filled with water and sprayed a small area, waited about 5 mins. and started scraping.

Drippy blobs of wet joint compound rained down on me, the walls and floor. I can't imagine doing a large room.  I think I'd hire professionals next time.

These are the gouges I made in the ceiling drywall! Live and learn- I will have a softer touch next time.  Wait, there will be no next time!

Then I had to patch the dings I made in the drywall and after that dried I skim coated the entire ceiling with joint compound.

After sanding several coats of drywall, priming and painting it it looks fantastic!  The best part was pulling up the floor paper and dropcloths and throwing it all away. No mess left behind.

I am happy with the ceiling now and ready to tackle the rest of the project! Just like our mantra, we like to try it all ourselves and experiment in our own homes so we know the process and how to advise clients on dealing with this type of ceiling. 
Wallpaper post tomorrow!


  1. I would probably tackle a small room, too. It looks so much better. Great job.

  2. Good for you! I've always wondered how easy that really would be - they always make it look simple on TV but I was skeptical. I can see it would be a huge mess though. It turned out fab!!

  3. What a mess! Its good to know that its not too hard. Your powder room is looking great!

  4. Oh My Gosh!! You are one brave lady!
    I haven't figured out yet why that add that other than making their job easier.
    Looks great!

  5. What a mess, but the end result looks great! Looks very professionally done!

  6. wow awesome job! I can see the mess it made though -wow! Makes all the difference to the room. I always wondered why anyone thought those textured ceilings were a good idea.

  7. So much better, worth every bit of work! Can't wait to see the wallpaper!

  8. The ceiling looks perfect. That is a messy job. You are so right about knowing all the details about a job so you can inform your clients fully.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  9. Oh my word I have popcorn ceilings in my entire house. I could not face the prospect of removing them myself and I couldn't pay someone to do it so I try not to look up there. Looking forward to seeing your new wallpaper. Now that's exciting!

  10. I'm way impressed that you tackled that. My neck kills me for days when I paint the ceiling in a room so I can't imagine what it's like when you're doing all of the scraping and patching on the ceiling that you did. It looks awesome - such a difference!

  11. Love the clean look! But ceiling work makes me cringe, since we repainted our first homes ceiling, my hubs and I both had sore necks after! hahaha! Great job dear!!!!

  12. I can't believe you did all of that sister is fighting me on hiring someone to do hers but they have to be done. No point in painting the ceiling with all of that stuff on it!

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