Friday, August 2, 2013

Reason #102 Why to Hire a Designer

I flip for a great kitchen flip.  When I saw this one recently completed by Abby Manchesky, I had to share.  


While I love an all-white kitchen update, I absolutely love how they made these wood cabinets shine and upped the ante with new appliances, lighting, counters and backsplash.  The medium-tone honey wood is such a difficult color to work with.  My mind would be on over-drive with questions and ideas.  Can't we just paint it all white?  How much of an investment did you already put into these cabinets?  Can we scrap the bar-height table?  Isn't it genius how the painted island makes the kitchen appear more custom?

This project is a testament to why people should hire a designer to update their space. We mull it over, and over again, we think outside the box, and we work with your existing 'infrastructure' and we just plain make it work.  And not only do we make it work, we make it scream, "I look good!" 

I love this. Bravo Abby!!

For more about this project, visit Abby's blog


  1. The thing is that you must explain exactly to your designer what you want to express with your decorations..
    The questions is.. is it better to express yourself through the design, or hire and expert and try to express to him exactly what you want to achieve ?

  2. Bethany- Thank you for sharing my work and for your kind words! Thrilled to be part of your blog. xo, Abby

  3. I agree. I think Abby did an amazing job with that kitchen. It feels so custom and updated without having to make major structural changes. Beautiful!

  4. Love the countertops and drum lampshade fixture!

  5. I love what Abby did here (especially that custom-looking island), and I agree about it being yet another reason to hire a designer. Good designers are house whisperers; they figure out what a client needs and have a vast wealth of resources for ideas & items... Definitely a worthwhile investment.

  6. Well-said and well-shown Bethany!

  7. The lighting had such an impact on the change. Great small changes that added up to a 'wow'.

  8. Yes! I've learned this lesson the hard way... Can't go wrong with white. Great job!

  9. The new white countertops, backsplash, and lighting really brighten up the space and give this kitchen such charm! Just beautiful, great job, Abby!

    The Glam Pad

  10. Just adding the color in the walls, backsplash, and island, make so much difference. And I really love it when the island is a different color than the rest of the cabinetry.


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