Monday, August 26, 2013

Pinned Project Loves

I keep an eye out for great solutions to decorating dilemmas. 

 How about the bulky cord-under-the-carpet problem?

I have alot of mid century teak furniture that has a veneer that is in need of reconditioning. I tried this and it works! Vinegar helps to remove musty odors from old wood and the eraser acts like steel wool. Amazing! 

Are your boots crumpled at the bottom of your closet or folded over and out of shape? Try screwing cupholders into the cedar boot trees and hanging them!

Something as simple as rubbing a walnut on dings in wood!

My son and his GF hate their cabinets in their apt. and want to cover them.. Try starch on fabric and ironing for easy removal!


I'd love to know of any dilemma tips or shortcuts you might have! Have a great week!


  1. Whoa!! Nuts on old wood?!? Gotta try it!!

    Have a great week!

  2. That electrical cord on the tape roll is brilliant.

  3. I am so intrigued about the fabric on cabinets idea...share some pictures if they do it!

  4. I'll be checking out that cord, great idea!

  5. Pin pin pin pin. You are full of fabulous tips and tricks this morning! Thank you - especially that solution to the cord under carpets. The bane of my existence!

  6. I have nothing to add but I am going to try out the vinegar/magic eraser tip. I have a beautiful mid century modern walnut dresser that could use a little love - and I don't want to paint it!

  7. These are fabulous suggestions...I am off to follow you on Pinterest and bookmarking this post!

  8. Great tips...I love the boot hangers! I'm going to try the walnuts on my floors..

  9. Hi Nancy,

    I like the vinegar/magic eraser tip .. I'll be trying that! Great cabinet cover up idea too! Happy Monday! xxleslie

  10. Excellent tips! I want the tape Nancy!! Wish I could share some ingenius tips today, but nothing is popping up just yet. :-)Thanks for sharing yours though!

  11. Oh these are too good! The cord tape is amazing! And I'm totally trying the vinegar on my bamboo drying rack, I'm hoping it will work well there too.

  12. Now these are great tips!! I am trying the vinegar on a piece I bought, and the cord idea is much needed.

  13. Great tips ladies. Gotta go buy that tape. I keep a black and dark brown sharpie handy to fill in those pesky dings that often pop up on dark furniture. Stitch witchery is a non-sewers best friend, and I use small velcro strips to keep all my art/gallery wall installations in place -I promise they won't shift no matter how hard you slam that door. To remove the smell of a paint from a room, I place a bucket of vinegar and water in the room for a few hours.

  14. I've done the fabric on walls using starch and it works well ... never tried it on cabinets though. The starch used is the liquid starch, not the easy spray starch, just sayin'. The iron is really more of a way to remove any wrinkles you might put in the fabric; liquid starch just dries and adheres the fabric to the wall really without needing to be ironed.

  15. All great tips, I particularly like the cord tape idea. Thanks for sharing!

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