Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Art tour- The human figure

I haven't been to art museums outside of DC in quite a while, so I enjoyed finding inspiring art online, and wanted to pass on some great findings.  I love the human form as art, like these two pieces by Portuguese artist Christina Troufa,

and these two nudes by Crawfurd Adamson.

or this  drawing by Michael Jon Angel.

 This  Bernini marble sculpture takes my breath away.

I love the paragraph I found with this sculpture : “ I hope you, too, thought this was a picture of an actual human being.  The fingers that slightly indent the flesh of a woman look real, but it is a 400 year old marble sculpture” Bernini Sculpture – Pluto and Proserpina (1621-1622).

My son, Michael, is an accomplished artist in his figure work like this favorite of mine done with pastels, conte crayon and charcoal on orange paper.

Bethany loves this piece of Michael's art and asked him if she could have it to hang in her house.  But, she said her eyes kept only going to the enormous nipples, so he altered them slightly for her benefit. 

How do you feel about hanging nudes in your home?  Would you, could you?


  1. My roommate in college was an artist and we had nudes (she had painted) all over our apartment. I loved it, and they were great conversation starters when guests came over! :)

  2. I love figural art. I grew up with nudes hanging in our house so I have no problem with it. These are stunning examples.

  3. I love the first and third pieces, not opposed to them, but probably more attracted to other forms of art. :)

  4. Wow, that sculpture is truly amazing and to see that it was done 400 years ago without highly specialized tools... I appreciate your son's piece and other nudes, but I'm far too immature to hang one in our home. I giggle about "parts." :)

  5. Lovely art, especially the Bernini sculpture...his work is amazing!

  6. I adore nudes and have several in my collection...including one of myself...only half nude though :-)

    the marble is exquisite!

  7. They all look beautiful Nancy! I think the human body is perfect - and hanging one in my home would not be an issue at all even if I still have 2 young boys around. Just haven't found the right one I guess. That Bernini sculpture is just amazing and I would love to see it up close someday!

  8. Wow!!! I love that sculpture and the way her thighs are pressed down. Looks so real. And I can't believe that last one is by your son. He is EXTREMELY talented! Not only would I hang nudes in my house, I was talking to my husband just the other day about possibly posing for a nude sketch to hang in our bedroom. We were looking for a nude sketch actually when the conversation came up. Knowing it was me would mean more to us. And I don't have the skinniest, most perfect body or anything but I believe nudes are best with curvy "womanly" women. So a question, where does your son live and is it possible to commission him to do a nude?


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