Sunday, August 18, 2013

4 Legged Guest Post

We have a special guest today visiting Powell Brower at Home and Gibbs is going to interview her.
This is Mocha, one of the pooches owned by Loi and Tom of Tone on Tone Antiques. We had the pleasure of lunching with Loi last week (will post later) and these two canines captured Bethany's and my heart.

Gibbs is still on restriction from a sore shoulder and by no means ready for socializing in a home full of immaculate antiques, but nonetheless, Gibbs wants to tell you about Mocha, and the life of a Designer pooch.

Gibbs: Hi, my name is Sir Gibbs and I'm eight months old.  What's your name and how old are you?

Mocha: My name is Mocha Latte Thai and I'm going on 13. 

Gibbs:  You look like a giant Nicolas, my Shih Tzu brother, what breed are you?  I sure hope you're nicer than Nick, he hates me.

Mocha: I'm a Tibetian Terrier, and so is my older brother, Panda.

Gibbs: You live in an awesome home. Do you have the run of the place?

Mocha: Yes, sort of, I'm allowed anywhere in the house but I have my special spot on the sofa in the kitchen and family room. 

Gibbs:  I hear your owners are famous Designers. Do they let you have special priviledges or take you on road trips with them?

Mocha: When they leave for work they let us watch tv all day.  We are only allowed to watch CNN since the animals on the other channels make us crazy! We love to go on trips with Tom and Loi, and they take us whenever they can, which is pretty often.

Gibbs: You have a brother named Panda, does he play with you alot?

Mocha: He is kind of a snob.  He is always in the same room as me, but he won't sit next to me or touch me.  He isn't that much fun.

Gibbs:  If you came out to my house, we could play in my big yard and I could show you our horses Willie and Thomas.  They are really huge, but they are friendly as long as you don't chase them.  Have you ever been near a horse before?

Mocha: We have seen them on tv and they drive us wild! We want to jump into the tv and attack them, so I can't wait to see yours!

Gibbs:  yikes, maybe not a good idea!

Gibbs: Your house is all white and you look so clean.  Do you ever get dirty or get in trouble for being dirty? I think that's why my color is reddish brown, the color of our dirt around my house. I was made this way so I can get really dirty.

Mocha: Well I do get in trouble for eating dirt out of dad's topiaries. I just started doing that since I'm a little bored with my routine.

Gibbs: Nice to meet you Mocha! I hope to see you in person soon!

A question to ponder are Designer Dogs the same as Dogs of Designers? 


  1. I LOVE THIS, NANCY! Oh...excuse me....GIBBS,you are a fabulous interviewer and Miss Mocha Latte is lovely, (and holds her age very well!shhhhh)

    I was so happy to see Loi's post yesterday and to see YOU THERE! I was jumping for joy, literally! Was their home fantastic? I BET! And to see a wider view of it, with the kitchen in the background, what a gorgeous and yes, LIGHT place! My husband and I want a dog, but we need to get it as a puppy in the summer, when we're both home!

    You have horses, Nancy? I must investigate more here, to see if I can spot them somewhere on your blog! I adore horses.

    Thank you so much for coming by to leave a comment; it has been such a wonderful summer, but school starts in three weeks and it's time to get ready for it. Enjoy your Sunday! Anita

  2. This is so much fun! What a creative post. Gorgeous doggy! I hope you don't eat any dirt today.

  3. I guess so!!!! What a fun 'interview' and I can see why you fell for Mocha too! Adorable!

  4. Too cute! Sounds like Gibbs and Mocha need a play date! :)

  5. What a cute interview! My dog Sebastian would love a play date too! I'm not sure how he'd do with the horses. He would try to herd them and keep them together. Thanks for stopping by and reading Easily Distracted by Shiny Things .


  6. What a great picture and terrific interview!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. Woof! Woof!! Thanks for the awesome interview, Gibbs :) Aren't we the luckiest pups? Our parents spoil us rotten!!!! Plus, we get to crash their blogs. Let's hang out soon, and have that date. Hope you like an older gal ;)
    PS - Don't I look like Nicky?

  8. PPS - Feel better soon! You gotta keep us with me!! Mocha

  9. Ooops, typo....gotta get a 'paw friendly' keyboard. s/b: gotta keep UP with me!

  10. I have a 13 and an 8 year old! They'd love to visit you since you're allowed on the couch :)

  11. ha, adorable interview...and I love the paw signature!

  12. Mocha is one lucky dog! Look at her beautiful home! Such a cute interview :)

  13. Very clever way to introduce us to your dogs! A fun read.

  14. I love your interview! I am a huge fan of Loi and it is nice to have a proper introduction to his pup!

    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Well, now there is Dog TV a channel just for dogs. Very nice interview and lovely picture.

  16. Thanks, Gibbs, for a nice interview. My two poodles enjoyed hearing about Mocha. Hope to see more of your interviews.

  17. im IN LOVE with the dogs pillow behind him!!! very jealous of the adorable pups decor!!!


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