Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Speaking of Kitchens

Thanks so much for all of your kind words on our CNN cameo yesterday!  So exciting to be interviewed along with our talented friends, Elizabeth and Emily!

So back to our regularly scheduled program.  I saw a kitchen redo on Made by Girl this week that made so much sense.  

I've heard so many arguments against painting cabinets and about the turning trend back to darker woods. In as much as Mom feels about wallpaper, I feel about dark cabinets : I've lived through the espresso wood/dark stain phase and I'm not going back.  Check with me in another 20.

This one before and after just nailed it. I'm going to save this to send to clients that are pondering painting or picking out cabinets. When putting money into a kitchen these days, there are so many more choices than 10 years ago.  Granite isn't the end all be all.  Dark woods don't always mean 'rich'.  Nowadays, they feel more like Real Housewives of New Jersey if you ask me.

Just breathe.

I personally enjoy a bit more contrast in an all-white kitchen. Maybe even just putting the original darker woven wood shade back in this room.  But wow, what a delightful difference!

Bravo, Brooke, bravo!


  1. I saw it on Made by girl and loved it too!! I am in love with white for kitchens too. I went modern and glossy white with black accents in my recently revealed kitchen, you can see it on my blog, if anyone's curious.

    Ozana (House@heart)

  2. We love our French Linen Annie Sloan Chalk paint cabinets!! Many thought we were crazy to "PAINT" our wood cabinets!!!! Turned out the best thing we have done!

  3. I have lived through lots of kitchen design trends and I will never like dark wood cabinets. In my first house 20 years ago I ripped out the oak cabinets and put in white ones. People thought that was crazy.

  4. It goes from dark and sad feeling to light and bright and happy! What a transformation! Love!

  5. I Agree Bethany, I love drak wood in small doses, hence my new kitchen will be a mix of both - white cabinets all around and espresso island and pantry!!!

  6. Granite for me just feels dated....strange to say since it was considered the 'must-have' for so long. AND CONGRATS ON THE CNN FEATURE. Too amazing.

  7. can't go wrong with a white kitchen man. so light and airy. Loves. And yes, congrats on CNN feature. Big things!

  8. interesting to read thank you I really liked your article I love your beautiful blog and so enjoy your posts.good job

  9. I agree!!!! I will never ever have dark wood tone cabinets in my house, ever. Happy 4th ladies!

  10. That was totally a refreshing makeover, from dark and dreary to white clean, and classic! Love it!
    xo Karolyn

  11. Our house in Dallas, which was built in 2008, was all brown, brown, BROWN!! (The house came with my husband, I did not pick the finishes, haha!) Brown hardwood floors, taupe paint, ALL of the cabinets were dark wood with brown granite countertops, and beige terrazzo in the bathrooms. It became depressing! So dark and dreary... So now, I'm doing all white, white, WHITE in our new home! It is so fresh and cheerful! Crisp, clean, and classic! And I think it makes a room look bigger. The before and after above is an excellent case in point. :)

    The Glam Pad


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