Friday, July 5, 2013

look for less

I hope all of you Americans had a lovely 4th of July holiday!  We sure did.

We haven't done one of these in a while so we're starting back with a funky modern space recently featured on Style at Home.

Let's start with the less costly of the two rooms that they are showing.  Less costs $4279.  Not terrible for new room decor, wouldn't you say?

Now do you wanna see the high?

This high look costs about $8000 more than the low version coming in at $12,043.

I bet I can do you one better.  I bet I can half the price of the low room even still. You know why I can do that?  Because nothing in this room is a classic, timeless piece.  That's good news for us, because almost everything can be found at a retail store following current trends.  Which means, we can shop it out for pretty inexpensive pricing!  The more rare or hard to find items always sport a hefty pricier tag.  

Our grand total for this look for less is $2040!  

Reason # 405 to hire a designer  -  You can always get the most out of your budget and achieve the look for less!


  1. Ha!! From 12.000 to only 2000??? That's good!!


  2. Loving this! Those pillow combos are fantastic, I think I need some malachite pillows, like yesterday!

  3. It is a challenge to anyone who wants to shop the high end look; however you can go to Homegoods,Z-Gallery. In this case maybe fewer however larger sized pillows. Be Creative!

    2013 Design Series!

  4. Wow! Great job Bethany! I'm so impressed with your sourcing.

  5. Bethany you should do this post more often, a fun post and very well done!

  6. Well you are all that! Great job on finding the deals!

  7. WOW! you rock bethany!!!!! Love you room a lot!!!!


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