Thursday, July 25, 2013

Creating a relaxing master bedroom

There are some essentials to designing a bedroom that is restful and sleep inducing.  Among the major considerations are:
  • A Pleasing Color Palette.  Neutrals or pastels work well in this environment. Whatever colors you like chose the tint (color plus white) of that color, or colors.
  • Comfortable Bedding:  Make sure your mattress is comfortable. The average lifetime of a mattress is 8-10 years, but if it's not doing it's job, you can add a mattress topper to extend the life of your mattress.  Sheets with high thread count yield the best feel, as do new comforters and pillows. Recycle your bedding to another room and treat yourself to the best you can afford.
  • Window Treatments. Layers of drapery over shades makes a luxurious treatment. Options include room darkening or soft ethereal layers, or both!
  • Ambiance. Mood lighting as well as task lighting for reading should make the room inviting and cozy.
  • Reduce Clutter.  A basket full of laundry to fold reminds you of chores to be done.  Think 'sleep inducing', not work!
  • What I call the "Spoil Factor".  Soft throws and pillows, wonderfully scented candles, a soft rug to step out of bed on, favorite books and magazines, artwork, a luxurious chandelier or even fresh flowers all make your room the spa you can retreat to.

I want to feel like jumping on my bed in a cloud when I enter my master bedroom. I want it to be my own custom designed room, my sleep cave, my retreat from the rest of the house. Perhaps you don't want the tv in your room, or maybe you want a coffee bar or beverage station for those late night movies or a slow morning with coffee in bed.  

We see so many clients putting their master bedroom low on their list of priorities.  TREAT YOURSELF to a well planned master bedroom, YOU DESERVE IT! (and we can help!)

Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!  


  1. Great tips and beautiful photos! It makes me want to re-work our master.

  2. I have my master WAY low on my list! Luckily I already have a few things checked off from my One Room Challenge redo! But I am ready for a change... some day!

  3. I love your "spoil factors". One of the best things I ever did to spoil myself was add a soft rug to our master. Makes me feel like a queen!

  4. I put my bedroom pretty high on the must-do list. I love my current bedroom and it only needs minor tweaking such as folding that laundry, LOL! Great advice!

  5. Love all your tips, almost finished decorating my master, and now I can really understand the meaning of the word "retreat". Once I put the girls in their bed and enter my bedroom, it's rest time all the way! The spoil items in my bedroom are the thick diy headboard, black and white rug and sheepskin to step on and beautiful vignette to enjoy...
    Sleeping tight every night..


  6. This is on my mind lately too! We're in the process of saving for a king size bed right now. So much else we want/need to spend money on but we need to invest in ourselves first!

  7. I love this post, I went through your list and did a little mental "check" with each item! I feel like I'm FINALLY there - after three years - our master bedroom feels GOOD on several different levels (starting with our bedding and ending with the color on the walls)…..I love it and am glad I didn't settle when our first wall color didn't really work for me. Thanks for sharing these ideas - I'm forwarding this to my friend who is working on her master right now.

  8. Love this post just a reminder that where we sleep is soooo important! LOVE a comfy bed with soft bedding and lots of pillows. Also love our heavenly bed mattress...TMI?

  9. So agree Nancy! That's why when we moved in to our house, that's one of the first rooms I painted! As for mattresses, we have the sleep number bed for more than a year now and absolutely LOVE IT! We've had our taste of regular and memory matresses, but we've had issues with it, so we're happy we found the right one for us!


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