Monday, June 3, 2013


I've had pre-fab homes on the mind lately.  While I love seeing Mom every evening when I go to feed the horses, I desperately want Willie and Thomas at my own house one day.  The whole chicken or egg quandary of land first, house next versus land with house is always up for debate.  Some pre-fab goodness I've seen lately makes me think it's a pretty great, eco-friendly, idea.  While I'm a bit too comfy cozy for all the modernity, these beams could really change my mind.

If only our cottage was situated on more land, I think we'd do just fine here for quite a long time.  We could always add a pre-fabbie to our current set-up, as a guest house, office-space or dare I say - man cave.  My hubby is dreaming, verging on drooling, over his own space.  I hope one day he gets to have it.  And I can reclaim my coffee table for books and pretties, not toe prints and TV remotes. Gross.

What say you? Aren't they cute??

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  1. They are cute! The possibilities are cave, home office, pool house, playhouse... I wish we have the space for one too.

  2. I would do a guest house this way in a heart beat. Love them.

  3. Perfect outbuilding! So chic and cozy. I'll take one for a design studio please!

  4. I am dreaming of a guesthouse/office ... we have the space ... just need the funds!! These prefab ideas are fantastic!! xo

  5. Bom dia.
    Linda essa casa de vidro, esse é meu sonho fazer uma casa assim somente vidros.
    Todas são muito bonitas.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  6. Oh I understand the dilemma. I would love more land and an outbuilding for a studio but someone has to take care of all that and its not me.

  7. Oh yes...a pre-fab like any of these is awesome...who wouldn't want one!!

  8. They are very cute...wish I had room for one!

  9. Totally!! I actually would love a pre-fab greenhouse. Grow more topiaries :)
    Happy Monday!!

  10. What a great idea!! Love it!

    The Glam Pad

  11. So cool, how about a little office away form it all.. love that idea!! Modern and yet quaint at the same time.
    xo Karolyn


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