Sunday, June 16, 2013

Four legged's

Our little puppy (haha) Gibbs is well on his way to manhood at 65 pounds and looking almost full grown.  I think it's time to skip the puppy updates and just provide you with some animal love from both our houses on the weekends.  The Powell and Brower households revolve around their animals who are integral parts of our lives. So here is an update on all 4 legged's...

Gibbs is our residence arborist.

He has been told not to go in the pasture by himself, and he is trying really hard.  He just wants to say hi to Willie ( who needs a bath ).

This little fella is a daily visitor around our house.

Gibbs loves anything related to balls, just like his human brother.

Mort keeps an eye on the grounds.

Seamus and Gibbs cannot keep their hands and mouths off each other.

Here is Willie our thoroughbred

Thomas our piss-pot (darling) pony

 and Wilma--now the grand dam of all dogs on the premises.

Never a dull moment between our houses! Please share your animals with us. We'd love to hear who owns you!

Happy Father's Day to all of you! We're combining it with my son's birthday celebration for a fun Sunday!


  1. Can't believe Gibbs is not fully grown yet! he's a beautiful big dog! Unfortunately though I only have a gecko - not very interesting to show off - in our home, but you know what, we love her anyway! Hope you had a great weekend Nancy!

  2. What I wouldn't do for a yard full of animals! Pure joy!!!

  3. Look at the cutie at the end. Animals are precious. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  4. Your animals are beautiful! For the first time that I can recall in all of my adult life, I am down to having just one dog. A Craigslist giveaway my daughter brought home. Now she's moved out and we have the dog. (Truthfully, I wouldn't let her take the dog. I've become attached)!

  5. They are all so precious! Animals really do help to make a house a home!


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