Sunday, June 30, 2013

Four Legged's and a freebie

 Gibbs has an obsession with his stuffed pig

 and he is a nature lover, through and through.  I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and recharging your batteries for the week ahead!

Here's a free printable for you . I hope you're doing what you love today.

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  1. Could Gibbs be any cuter? Love the printable: the meaning, the script, the colors. Have a great week.

  2. Awwww, I didn't know Gibbs has a 'thing' for gymnastics'! hahaha! We will get along just fine, used to have a huge pig collection when I was younger, still there in my old room back home! Anyway, jsut a heads up, posted already the BLOGGER SERIES on fave art! THANK YOU SO MUCH For participating!!!!! Love the drawing of WIlma and the story behind it. :-)

  3. Too cute!! what a great pair! Love it. And I love the quote.

  4. Hi Nancy, I agree! When we do what we love we are happier and more successful:) Your pup is so darling. Mine are enjoying the "dog days of summer" in this hot (90 degrees!..that's hot for PNW) weather. enjoy the long weekend ahead! xxleslie

  5. What a handsome pup! My old girl loves to stop and smell the flowers, too. :) Thanks for the printable! BTW, you are killin' it today on Pinterest--I must've re-pinned nearly everything you put up. Have a great week!

  6. He is soooooooo cute. The eyebrows are hilarious- so expressive. I am guessing that this is not a dog that hides his emotions well. :) N.G.


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