Friday, June 7, 2013

Celestial seasoning

We paint a vision for our client for a dark night sky ceiling with constellations and dancing lights. They buy the concept, we have to find the light, then it's on backorder for 3 months!  We just installed this fun ceiling light in a boys celestial themed room, and love the affect!

Here is the Pierced Morrocan Metal Globe ceiling light. The quality is a little less than we expected, but the affect was way more luminous than we thought! The client was over the moon (hehe) over this light, and it really completed the look.  It's a great fixture for ambiance, not so great for overhead brightness or clarity in a room that needs more light. This fixture would make a great nightlight on a dimmer.

So fun! Here's the post about the room it went in.

Some other fun DIY projects in this room was this custom wall hung solid wood desk.

Hope you have a starry starry night!


  1. I love how the light dances on the wall. What a fun space!

  2. You two are too cool for words!!! Love it!

  3. What a beautiful light!! It provides such a soothing lighting and shadows....whimsical!

  4. Great lamp for the room- I bet he loves it. It adds so much!

  5. Lucky boy!! What a fun room! Great job...


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