Saturday, May 4, 2013

best DIY weed killer

Two things I have plenty of on this 6 acres are weeds and four-legged animals.  I have used "Roundup" for years to rid patches of weeds but I am trying to be more eco-responsible anyway I can.  I have always hated chemicals around my animals so I found a wonderful weed killer that is pennies per use and works like a charm!
  • White Vinegar (5% acidity or greater for best effectiveness)
  • Salt
  • Dawn liquid
  • Spray Bottle

Fill a spray bottle almost to capacity with vinegar, add a tablespoon of dish detergent and a 1/2 cup of salt.  Shake vigorously!  If you don't, the salt will clog the sprayer.  Then spray your weeds and within a few hours you will see them start to wilt and in about 24 hours - they're dead!  Best news ever!  (The other brands would take a week or so) If it doesn't work fast enough for you, add more salt.  It will kill grass, so be careful.

Gibbs was helping me spray and he even snuck a lick of the spray nozzle - but no worries!

As you can see I have alot of mulch beds to weed.

Each year I am amazed at how beautiful these azalea colors are.  Wish they lasted longer! There are some baby bunnies living under these bushes right now.  I pray the dogs and cats don't find them. 

I'll be killing more weeds this weekend, how about you? Have a glorious weekend!


  1. Who knew?! Thanks for sharing this tip. Your yard is as lovely as your new blog design. xoxo

  2. Oh, I'm so trying this. Thanks for the info. Your yard looks lovely!

  3. ong
    the weeds re a nightmare!!
    i will try this.


  4. oh wao this is a great concoction. And so safe! Your yard is beautiful. It must be so lovely having so much space. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Calypso in the CountryMay 4, 2013 at 8:38 AM

    Thank you for posting a natural way to deal with weeds - especially when we have kids and a dog! I argue with my husband every year at this time when he calls the weed guy in to take care of our weeds. I hate using chemicals - and I hate Monsanto who makes Round Up! They are also involved in altering our food with GMOs - something I am hugely against! How's that for an early Saturday morning rant?!! Enjoy your weekend and that darling doggie!

  6. Have fun gardening! I just planted my flower containers yesterday and weeded the vegetable garden. I am done for the year, LOL! My husband does the gardening. I love your azaleas.

  7. Thank you Nancy! I've been looking around stores for a weed killer but reading all the chemicals is a HUGE turn-off!!!!! You saved MY LAWN!!!

  8. We are so trying this! I have a whole un-landscaped backyard that is covered in weeds!

  9. I am trying this. I hope it works around vegetables

  10. how large of a spray bottle do you use with the other ingredients

  11. How long does it last? Ortho is guaranteed for a year:\

  12. What size spray bottle? Great having beautiful gardens naturally!

    1. It is a 32 Oz. spray bottle...good luck!

  13. What size spray bottle? Great having beautiful gardens naturally!


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