Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend puppy update

Gibbs is 5 months old and we have never been more in love with a dog. He is so sweet and devoted both to my husband and I.  I walk with him everyday, so each time I get a coat on or my shoes on he is at the door ready to go. Funny how the rules are different with my husband, who walks around the property everyday with him off-leash and Gibbs never strays from him, and listens to him intently.  I always walk him on a leash (around the neighborhood, on pavement 2-3 miles) and when he if off- leash from me, he doesn't listen to me!!! what is that all about?? control. He is jerking MY chain, for sure.  Here he is this week. Did I tell you he always carries a stuffed animal around? Loves his 'babies'.

He is getting real curly!

 Everything is blossoming! This is Gibb's playground.

Gibbs has had an upset tummy for the 3rd day in a row and hasn't eaten much. You know he's sick if he doesn't want to eat- this dog is WILD about food.  He must have eaten something toxic is my guess.  Could be anything from a cut onion off the kitchen floor or a philodendron leaf-all toxic to dogs.  Who knows, this boy is a vacuum cleaner.  But he is turning a corner today and feeling perkier and eating a little.  Phew!
All the animals are finally getting along. It only took 3 months! The cats tolerate him now, Nicky is laying next to him ( but still won't PLAY with Gibbs), and the two cats are now co-habitating (which took over a year.) The horses are all getting onto spring grass without any problems. All is good in the Powell animal kingdom, at the moment.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. Oh Nancy Gibbs is such a great dog, that face and lustrous coat. I hope he keeps feeling better!
    Art by Karena

  2. Gibbs is gorgeous. I took a canine class with our dog and get him used to your commands. Keep them simple. Eye contact is very important and long leads can help him to feel independent but also secure with you. You can practice by making him stay and then calling him. Repetition is also the mother of learning. I think I had to do it every day so many times that I felt I would cry but now he listens to me (almost as well) as he listens to the Master of the house) - It has to do with hierarchy. History never changes.

  3. Nancy, kids always give their moms more trouble. LOL!
    Your property looks great and it is so nice that you and the animals have such a gorgeous place get out and run around.

  4. hi Gibbs! he must love his life. what a beautiful playground for him!

  5. I hope he is feeling better! Those silly goldens eat everything! It's funny how they behave with different people. My Rosie listens to me pretty well most of the time but if she is not ready to come in, she will refuse to listen. My husband will just call her name and she comes. Also, this morning she stole a golf ball from the garage. My husband just walked over to her and took it right from her mouth. If I had tried first, she would have been prancing all over the yard with me chasing her! Have a great week with that cutie!

  6. Nancy, you live in paradise--great pet, plants and people!

  7. He's so handsome and his playground is beautiful, Nancy.
    Hope he feels better soon. Bruce isn't feeling very good telling what that boy ate!
    Enjoy your day!

  8. He's just beautiful! It's so interesting they all have the same characteristics. Rio loves stuffed animals, on a walk once she nabbed one from a baby stroller as we were passing by. She'll eat anything in our yard, and amazingly has never been sick from it. Enjoy that boy!

  9. I love Gibbs updates! We have a Lab, and he eats just like Gibbs...kind of creeps me out! Whats with eating dead things or poo? ick!!! Have a great week:)

  10. I love Gibbs!! He looks like a wise and playful soul. And what a gorgeous piece of property, Nancy - you must be thrilled to pull in that driveway everyday!!!

  11. Time does fly so much, he looks more "grown-up" now. :-)

  12. Onions can be toxic to dog is a garbage hound too, eats anything and then gets sick! Lately though, due to his old age, things like apple cores, which he LOVES, upset his stomach. My dog used to do the same as a puppy, not listen to me but follow my husband around like a magnet! I think its the whole alpha male thing...

    Gibbs is one adorable dog!


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