Friday, April 5, 2013


Keeping with this week's horsey theme, I gotta tell you guys something.  I'm DYING to have one of these hoof stools in my crib one day.  I used to love the iconic John Dickinson Hoof Table.  

But I think I really much prefer these larger splay footed benches nowadays and oh, by the way, I don't have thirty G's to spend on an occasional table.  If you ever find one at a vintage store, or a reasonable one on 1st Dibs (HA!) you better call me QUICK.

I found a cute knockoff that's really well priced.  But I don't have anywhere to put it.  I tend to collect side tables (probably because of their affordability) but unless I want to live in a cottage of stools, I'd better quit the addiction.

What I really need want is two of these puppies, err, ponies as a coffee table!

The ponies above are similar to this goat version, the Tabouret Chevre Bench.

Anyways, just dying over here.  Love it all.  If you find one, you'll call me?

Happy Weekend!


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  1. If I see one it's definitely yours, that style doesn't do it for me! :)

  2. Well, I kinda not like them... they seem...evil!! Don't laugh, it's true!!:)

    1. i can see how you'd think that. no animals are harmed though when they are made out of acrylic and painted to look like a hoof :)

  3. Hi Bethany! I just saw these tables on Pinterest yesterday....interesting!

    HI NANCY! I hope I can find you here; thank you so very much for coming to visit this morning! I hope you are well and all is well here. We did have some snow yesterday, however!

    May your garden be lush and lovely, as I hope mine becomes soon! Anita

  4. Love....but if I find a cheap on I might be selfish and buy for me :)

  5. I will Bethany, although the legs kinda creep me out a bit, a bit "darker" for my tastes I think, or maybe I'm just not brave enough for styles like these yet. I know though, you can totally pull it off in your space. ;-)


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