Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Field Trip to DC's

After visiting the DC Design House last week, Bethany and I visited  Darryl Carter's new design studio and showroom at 1320 9th Street NW. When we rang for an appointment to enter, we were met by his assistant Charles, whose eloquent and private tour transported us into a bespoke world mixing old and new, American and European, vintage and collected, handcrafted and modern-all at the same time. I felt like we were in a boutique in Belgium or privy to the most guarded designer secrets. This is the first level and all you see when you enter.

...then upstairs to multiple floors of collected pieces.

There is beautiful furniture of his own design like this linen sofa with a tilt side arm.

And collected finds like this S-shaped ceramic 2-piece sculpture that Charles said may be used for an outdoor shower in a Florida client's home.  So chic, right?

He has partnered with Urban Electric for his signature lighting pieces like this Naylor Court lantern:

We learned of his weekend home in The Plains, Va, a horsey town we are very familiar with and love that he surrounds himself with animals and nature.  It was a glorious experience and heightened our appreciation of Darryl Carter and his amazing talent.

If you want to see more of his work, his DC rowhouse was featured in a beautiful article by Elle Decor. His fabulous books are The Collected Home  and  The New Traditional.



1/2/3/4/ images 5-14 by Nancy Powell /15

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  1. Sweet! How could you handle all of that eye candy in one day?

  2. love this and love his work! so much goodness here!

  3. He really is an amazing talent!

  4. Oh how exciting ... I wouldn't have wanted to leave!! xo

  5. What a wonderful experience. MC and I have two pieces that Darryl designed for Thomasville Furniture about 5 years ago. Our linen sofa is very similar to the one you have in your photo and the wing back chair is identical to the one I am now sitting in writing this! Wow! My eye were drawn to these pieces the moment we entered the store that day!

  6. What an inspiring trip, his work is fabulous!

  7. I'm so pissed you didn't tell you were going! He is my idol. I would have had you steal something for me.

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  9. Amazing-it really doesn't get much better. I want like everything from your photos. I love crisp clean historical. The bed frame was easily my fave.

  10. Thank you for the tour- his studio kinda has an relaxed RH Feel to it don't you think? :-)

  11. Wow! I love his work, and this showroom is fabulous!!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Happy Tuesday.


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