Friday, April 12, 2013

bethany potter

You know how it's Operation Spruce Up around these parts?  Well, step one is complete. I got me a new door!  

My family asked what I wanted for my 31st birthday last month and I kept telling them I really wanted a new front door.  Mom and my husband could tell you stories for days about how incredibly particular I am and how painful all of the returns of miss-the-mark gift returns are on both the ego and the confidence. And, in hindsight, I regret being 'picky' (is that what you'd call it? yes, I suppose that will work) with other's gifts.  I wish I just crammed a sock in it and lied that I liked it.  Ahh, must be the age speaking.  Where we were?  Oh yes, the door.

So my lovely family pulled together and gave me some gift cards and some cold hard cash (for fear of making this huge decision themselves) with which I purchased my new front door!  

My aunt Carolyn has a french-door leading from her kitchen to her laundry room and I've always thought it was so distinct because the glass was beveled and there are always beautiful light prisms amid the lites.  I set out to find the same feature in my new front door. I don't do 'decorative' and I wanted full light through it, so I am super pleased with my new door. Mine will be black, but this will give you an idea.

We also bought the whole lot of Endless Summer hydrageas that the local neighborhood garden store carried and are planning to plant these suckers tomorrow. Pray for me, peeps.  I kill all things green.

We're also hanging the new shutters and just getting our hands good and dirty.  Mom and I saw a beautiful petite Lutyens bench at Home Goods while accessory shopping this week, but sadly it was broken in a few places.  And the price wasn't right enough. This sure would look good in just about any yard, eh?

And I keep deliberating on adding an awning to our side entrance.  Practicality-wise, it'd be really nice on rainy days.  But I don't know if they are just too busy.  Then I saw this pic, and I think they are charming!  What to do, what to do!

Oh, after a long winter indoors, we found out we've got MOLES.  Anyone know a pet-friendly way to get rid of them (oxymoron?)??

What are you up to this weekend?  I hope you get to enjoy some beautiful weather.


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  1. How fun to get a new door and a outdoor spruce up! I love the awnings - go for it!

  2. Oh ... I am just itching to get outside ... Love the new door and I have to say I am a HUGE fan of awnings!! We put them on the windows in the back of our house ... and they give it such LIFE! Happy Friday missy!! xo

  3. Plant the hydrangeas where they get morning sun and afternoon shade- and give them lots of water. Thats about the best you can do for them! :)

  4. Oooh, I can already picture your charming little abode! I posted that picture with the awnings a year ago, I wanted one for Mother's Day, I'm buying my own this year! :)

  5. So excited for you and your new front door! What a beautiful choice! Can't wait to see it installed :)

    Have a great weekend outside getting dirty!


  6. A new front door makes all the difference! And I love the awning and plan to do one myself at some point when the other 5000 things are complete.

    Happy weekend!

  7. I would recommend putting irrigation/drip hoses all around the hydrangeas before you mulch. They take a lot of water and it's so easy to just turn the water on for an hour or two a few times a week during the hot weather.

    Love the door!

  8. love these looks you have chosen for inspiration..the awnings look so fresh and young!

  9. Your are making me want to spruce up, too. I think I need to at least repaint my front door. Those awnings are cute.

  10. Love your front door! Love your plans for the awnings! Hate trying to grow Hydrageas--they are annoying fickle beasts (in my NC yard)--but beautiful.

  11. Love the door and I say yes to the awning!

  12. pesky moles were here, too, a while back. hate 'em. can't remember how we got rid of them - maybe they just moved on! donna

    1. LOL well if you remember, let me know! gotta get rid of these holes!

  13. Love love your door, I have a French door for my front door too! Everyone thought I was crazy until they installed it and then the contractor used it for bragging rights. I absolutely would love to have a black and white striped awning on my home, if you have the option, I say go for it!! Awnings are on my someday list!!
    Happy 31st birthday!!

  14. Great choice for front door, you will find that the light is the way, go for it with the awnings; classic, purposeful and beautiful!

  15. I LOVe your door! I would love a front door like that but my husband thinks it is a security problem. As for the awnings I say go for it! They are fabulous.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you are going to do to your place.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

    Have a great weekend, Elizabeth

  16. Yeah, this is going to be so charming. I can't wait to see all the updates.

  17. I think the awning will be fab! Can't wait to see everything!


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