Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are you kidding me lighting

I'm still waiting to see the Jonathan Adler line at JCP in person, but I found a few amazing deals along the way on their website, like this fabulous Coronam lamp:

$37.00 on clearance, are you kidding me????

Here is the most popular Gourd lamp shape this year (and last)...paint it any color you want. For $45, you can't go wrong!

Bethany used this lamp in her guest room, and we painted it the perfect color we needed:

Look at this Millennium sconce from JCP, get out of town!

Did we mention how much we LOVE lighting?

Nancy and Bethany

P.S. Today Bethany and I are meeting up with some blog friends at the DC Design Show House Press Day...can't wait to report!
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  1. Oh that JCP!! They are bringing it ... I went in a couple of weeks ago and was very pleasantly surprised at the section of lamps ... I will go back!! Have fun today!! xo

  2. Have fun at the design house....sounds exciting!

  3. Thanks for fueling my lamp addiction! Have a great time today!

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  5. Yesterday, JCP fired their new CEO, the one who brought about all of the new changes. I sure hope they see his plans through.

  6. Haven't been to JCP in ages but will certainly be doing so now with this collection. Hooray for meeting up with blogger friends. I;m so jelly. Why are there no blogger friends in Miami? So not cool.

  7. Cool finds! I just came from our local JCP and they have the new JA line already! Posting about it next week! Happy shopping!

  8. awesomeness!! These are all amazing! And thanks to you ladies keeping for keeping us enLIGHTened!

  9. I've been so amazed with the JCPenney lighting options too! I used the same lamp that Bethany did in my bedroom redesign, but added a beautiful finial from Hillary Thomas Designs to glam it up! So cute!


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