Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Updates on the Brower Front

Mom's been pulling the brunt of the blog-weight as of late while I have been quite distracted with other things.  My wonderful husband put up a new light in the kitchen and now we can see while we cook!  Previously, it was sub par builder's grade track lighting (see puny light below) so the new three-armed guy makes a world of difference.  You'll notice the upper cabinets were hung pretty low with respect to the countertop (whyyyyyyy?) and then add on the shadows that the microwave casts and it was getting preeetty tough to see what was cooking on those back burners.  

Pay no mind to the horrific oak cabinets.  The jury is still out on what I want to do there.  I have gone back and forth with painting versus replacing and I can't decide!  I don't see us in our home for many more years so that weighs heavy into the money-output equation.  

I am loving my new leather chairs, too!  I couldn't bare to get rid of my clear ones so they are just hanging out as extra seating (see them peaking out in the right-hand corner of the photo below?) for now.

Since spring is almost upon us, I have a few plans up my sleeve for some spring projects around the Brower house.  I'm really tiring of my White Mint (SW) walls and have spent the better part of the last year mulling over changing it in favor of a more neutral neutral   I'm about 90% ready to fire on that.  I'd like to paint over it with the same color in our bedroom, Dove Wing (BM), which is white with a tint of greige.  In some light it looks super minty (below).

Whereas in other light, it's barely a whisper of mint.  Regardless, it's got to go.

Also up on the painting front is removing all the busyness around here.  When we first moved in, I was thrilled to be able to paint my walls however I wanted.  But now that I've lived with it for a couple of years, I need some calm around here.  

It's time to paint over this fun hallway treatment.  

And this apropos ceiling treatment in my guest bath. I'll be sad to see them go, but it will make it better for resale in the future.

We've been busy with the childrens' rooms project we are working on and in spite of those projects, we are in the process of getting a new blog design rolled out.  I know Mom loves our stripes, but I certainly can't wait to shed this 'my first blog' look!

I am gearing up (and by gearing up I mean eating my way through the town and surrounding areas) to start a weight loss program next week to follow through with my resolutions this year.  While I'm scared as *$@# I am pumped about getting healthy.  I wanna be back to my fighting weight.  And my hubby is doing it with me, which is a huge support system in and of itself.  Thank god we'll have each other.  Although if you hear random screaming, that might be me in the midst of full-on withdrawals.

Seamus is going to his first show this coming weekend and we are really excited.  He's 7 months old [I can't believe it!] and goofy as all get out, so this is sure to be a spectacle.  We've been working hard at getting him out and about but trash bags and brooms are still a terrible fright!  Just look at this face.  What judge wouldn't love it??

Wish me/us luck!


Bathroom and Hallway photos by Dancer Burns

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  1. Ah, change is hard but good Bethany! Good luck with all you have going on right now ... Go Seamus!! xo

  2. Oh that sweet doggie face!
    I love what you have done here, and the chairs really do make a difference! You have been a busy bee!
    Happy Tuesday, Bethany.

  3. Love that lighting, perfect. Your home is so stylish Bethany, keep 'em coming! Good morning!

  4. You really have a full plate (puny me) right now. I love all of the simpler treatment changes you are making. Sometimes calm is good, too. Congratulations on putting your health first. We should all do that. Good luck, Seamus.

  5. Love the light fixture and believe all of the proposed changes will be great for re-sale. Be sure to create spaces that you will still love in the meantime. Good luck with your weight loss program, you will feel so much better and it's good that you have an encouraging partner. Go get 'em Seamus...

  6. Bethany, I love those new leather seats. The whole dining area is lovely. I vote for ripping out the uppers in favor of open shelving but few people are that brave.

  7. I have been happily watching your mom step up to plate. No really, I want to plan my whole next house around her laundry room design. But, I am also a huge fan of your breakfast nook. Like real huge and I'm always happy to see updates!

  8. Oh, the new fixture is beyond cool, Bethany!! Good for you for getting on track with your resolution. Take a video for us of Seamus, I'd love to see him at the show! :)

  9. Where you been, Boo?

    Love the new light! It's very hip. You don't have to ask my opinion about those cabinets. For $40 bucks you could have a whole gallon of new cabinets. Makes more sense if you're thinking of moving.

    Good luck with all your projects!

  10. Change is good....keeps the creative juices flowing! Good luck with the new healthy way of life diet....I had to go on a gluten and dairy free diet...I lost 20 pounds! I had to buy all new clothes...even shoes! YIKES!

  11. Love the art!! and the light fixture in kitchen is fantastic! dont replace cabinets if you are not staying..just paint! plus they have clean lines so you are lucky!!
    xo Karolyn

  12. The new kitchen light fixture is perfect for the spot! Perfect.
    I know what you mean about having to always keep "resale" in mind when it comes to home projects!

  13. Love the lighting(where is it from?) and the chairs! You can do this, B! Good luck, Seamus!

  14. I'll keep my comments brief...paint the cabinets, don't you DARE touch that fun wall stencil, and love the dining area! Oh, and you can do it on the diet front!

  15. The leather chairs are great! I also enjoyed seeing those dogs on the ceiling! What a fun surprise up there! Looking forward to seeing the new blog design, although I really like the simple classy look you have now. I always love stripes! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  16. I'm debating the same thing with painting my home too. I've lived with color for 5 years, I was thrilled to paint colors only because I was able to. Now i'm ready for white-in some form or other ;) I can't wait to see you redo's!

  17. maybe i'm crazy, but i'm kind of thinking black or a really dark gray would look amazing on those cabinets!

  18. Please share resource for light and chairs and the dark color paint. I love the trim. I did that on my high vaulted ceilings and it was that detail that totally DEFINED the project.

  19. Loving your little dining nook-such an eclectic look!


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