Friday, March 8, 2013

Thank you Jamie Shop

You've been seeing alot of these buttons lately, 'cuz Jamie Herzlinger is coming to town! She is reaching out to alot of bloggers to advertise her new online store--what a brilliant way to reach a chatty audience!

Jamie has been a highly respected fashion and design professional for 20 years.  Having grown up with several relatives and a mom in the trades, she has been bringing her talents to both Scottsdale, AZ and New York City.    She is a mother to 2 teenage daughters. She brings"to the trade" designer labels to anyone if you just register with her shop. She is listed in Traditional Home as one of the Top 20 Designers. Her online magazine Jamie Loves shows what's trending each month and you're sure to see the beautiful Jamie Herzlinger in the most amazing fashions and settings. Her portfolio is exquisite.

She has a great blog as well which showcases alot of artists and her sophisticated taste. So please register with Jamie Shop and you can search all the manufacturers and make purchases. Have fun!

Thanks Jamie for your sponsorship.


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  1. Way to go ladies!! Love Jamie Shop! Happy Friday!! xo

  2. Yep, love her stuff! Congrats ladies. And TGIF!

  3. I am signing up pronto! Have a great weekend girls!

  4. Congratulations on your new sponsor...on my over to check out the Jamie Shop. Thanks!

  5. I haven't heard about this (living under a rock?) Going to check it out :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. yay for you guys!!! love this post!

  7. love those dining room chairs and the master bedroom! so inviting.


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