Saturday, March 16, 2013

Have a great weekend


I love nothing better than to fill my blue and white porcelains with yellow tulips, just like this .  My daffodils are almost ready to bloom! Hurry Spring!

Saturday mornings with coffee, pj's and a slow start are soooooo delicious. Hope you're enjoying yours.

Bethany's at Seamus's first dog show this weekend, I'm sewing for my ORC reveal (this Wednesday) and doing a little client shopping at Ikea.  What are you up to?


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  1. is this your all stuff pretty awesome!!

  2. Nancy, I love yellow tulips! They look fantastic in your blue and white.

  3. I'm eagerly waiting for my yellow daffodils to pop!! Love your tulips, Nancy :) Ciao ciao, Loi

  4. I love those kind of Saturdays too, but I'm on my way to the second soccer game of the day already :)

  5. Your flowers and pots are a cheery wake up call on this Saturday morning. It's been a hectic week so I'm doing exactly the same thing as you. Enjoy your day!!
    Cheers, Heather

  6. I love the yellow tulips with the blue and I am inspired to go buy some beautiful flowers to brighten up my house on this still wintery and chilly weekend!

  7. Blue and yellow together look awesome! Come on spring is right!

  8. Yup, love yellow and blue too, you are gearing into spring dear. As for me, a little out of town spring break with my family right now. :-) can't wait to see the reveal!


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