Monday, February 11, 2013

Many hats

Last Friday I spent the afternoon  painting a mural for a client. I bet you all didn't know I paint children's murals. It has been something I've done for fun and it started when I painted clouds on Bethany's ceiling and a big sunshine over her closet when she was younger. Then I gave my niece a mural for her nursery. If you've heard of the book Guess How Much I Love You  this character is the first one I ever painted. It is about 3' x 4'.  

I've painted Pokemon characters that are 5' tall:

planets, stars,

ponies and rainbows.

The client I painted for on Friday wants a Design plan to update her living room after 10 years, (that's about right, isn't it?)  so that's  very exciting.  
It's a nice creative release for me and a great way to get into people's homes to tell them about what other design services we offer! 

Later we'll show you our design plans for two children's rooms presentations we are giving tonight.
Oh, and I'm working on the ORC this week as well.  Finally got some plumbing issues solved this weekend.
Have a great week. Thanks for your support and wonderful comments. You all are the best!


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  1. I love a mural in a child's room. I had the "Guess How Much I Love You" design painted on my daughter's furniture when she was born. I'm saving 2 of the pieces for future grandchildren (25 years from now).

  2. Nancy, you are sooo talented! These are amazing! Anyone that gets you in their home to create is lucky indeed!! xo

  3. Wow! These are beautiful. You are very talented.

  4. Oh my gosh, my multi-talented friend, I love seeing your work!

  5. Oh my!!!! I'm so impressed! These are beautiful! You are so talented. SHow us more!!

  6. So beautiful Nancy! Good luck on the ORC challenge!

  7. Hi Nancy- I didn't realize you were an artist, too! I wish I had that talent.
    Hand painted murals bring such feeling to a room- your work is wonderful.
    Glad you resolved your plumbing issues in your laundry room.
    Have a great week!

  8. Wow, Nancy! Had no idea you were a muralist as well! I used to love reading that book to my girls when they were little.

  9. WOW!! You need a button on your blog with your mural portfolio!

  10. Nancy - You are so talented!! I didn't know. But not surprised as you are from a family of artists. Have a wonderful week. I'll check back on Wed to see your ORC progress :)

  11. Wow, there is just no end to the talent at your house!! I love every single mural.
    Look forward to seeing more.
    Happy Monday.

  12. I knew you were an artist Nancy, a good one in fact, but these really blew my mind! Wow! you can really copy anything and put your little flair into it! Love it! Hope you keep at it and can't wait to see the plans for the rooms, also, glad things are looking up for you :-)

  13. Oh wow, Nancy. I am completely in awe of such talent. I have no drawing skills and I really admire those who do. Lovely work!

  14. Had no idea you painted murals as well Nancy. Absolutely beautiful job!



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