Friday, February 1, 2013

Dream Spaces by Loi Thai

Today we want to welcome our friend Loi Thai, from the fabulous store and blog Tone on Tone. Bethany and I had the pleasure of visiting him at his exquisite store in Bethesda, Maryland this past year, and we were blown away by how beautifully curated and tasteful his store is.  As you can see by his pictures, he has phenomenal taste and his home is pure perfection.  He is an avid gardner, along with his partner Tom, and their two pooches, Mocha and Panda.  You will never meet a nicer, more kind, sweet and generous person than Loi. He brings so much light, quality and positive energy to our blogsphere.

Many thanks for inviting me to guest post about my dream house. I'm so honored to be here!!! :)

My partner, Tom, and I have been thinking about a second home. We'd love a cottage in the mountains or up in New England (Maine), where the summers are cool and comfy. Ideally this dream cottage would be small, simple and have only one floor. There would be a central open room and a couple of bedrooms neatly tucked to the sides. That's it!

Here is a sketch I drew up:
 My dream cottage would be a simple and symmetrical rectangular box. There would be a front vestibule entry and a veranda in the rear. The center room would have super high ceilings.

 The dining area (right side upon entry) would have a trestle table with French Tolix metal cafe chairs. Above and below photos via Pinterest.
 I love the above trestle table from Crate and Barrel. It would look great with 4 Tolix chairs on the sides.
 To soften the dining area, I'd use a pair of skirted Lee chairs. When not in use at the ends of the table, I'd placed them on either side of this antique Swedish sideboard from my shop.
 In the living area, this Morandi painting would hang above an antique American mantel.
 This slipcovered Lee sofa would anchor the sitting area. I'd splurge on two pillows in Jaipur from Raoul Textiles for George Smith. The coffee table is from Hickory Chair.
 Behind the sofa would be this antique Swedish table (above) with a basket tucked underneath.
 On the right side of the living area would be this antique Swedish secretary.
 I'd place this antique Swedish clock on the left side of the living area.
 Simple sisal rugs would be used.
 A beautiful painting from Stanley Bielen and antique pottery jugs would complete my dream cottage!

Thanks, again, for having me, Nancy and Bethany!  ~ Loi

Thanks Loi, for being our house guest! I love your house plans and your simple and elegant taste. Don't forget to check out his blog Tone on Tone!
We'd move in with you but I don't think you have room for  2 bulldogs, a Shih Tzu and a Golden Retriever, although Panda and Mocha probably wouldn't mind!

Nancy and Bethany


  1. Looks like the perfect place to sit by the fire and relax for a weekend.

  2. Love these images ... what beautiful spaces! The house design ... Perfect!! Cozy yet plenty of rooms for family and friends!! xo

  3. Loi, I love your plan. Where is the guest room....because I'm coming to visit. I would love a second home like this one.

  4. I'm a huge fan of loi's. this was a great post; loved seeing inside his head. aren't those blue jugs wonderful? donna

  5. I have been liking that Loi for a VERY long time!!1

  6. Dear Nancy and Bethany - Thank YOU for that awesome intro :) And for having me here. I forgot to include the guest cottage on the grounds. Now there is plenty of room for all of you to visit ;-) Thank you, again, my friends!
    Lots of luv,

  7. Loi is one of the kindest, most generous persons out there!!!!! His designs and pieces are my favorites! The cottage is Perfection! I would give anything to visit his shop, and meet him and Tom!

  8. Nancy and Bethany, I definitely second all of your comments about Loi -- everyone's favorite! Thank you, Loi, for sharing your ideas on your house plans, which I enjoyed looking at with special interest as we have been thinking ahead of our next house too -- most likely will also be a single story. Our next house though, I wouldn't have the front entry open into the kitchen... Having lived for the last ten years with our eat-in kitchen visible from the front door and foyer, I would probably switch the front vestibule entry with the back veranda, so that you walk into the living area first. Think it would be nice to have the kitchen off the veranda too... Then I might put the fireplace, a nice big one, right in the middle, between the kitchen and living area, accessible to both... but I realize that might be a more contemporary feel than you are thinking of -- sorry, but I really couldn't help being drawn into your plans! Maybe I will incorporate some of your ideas into our eventual plans :) I do love the nice big areas that you seem to have dedicated to storage -- the hallways off to the sides? Really neat plans!

  9. Who can resist Loi's taste? Not me! I'd love to be able to spend the day at his store. Yes, the entire day! Loi, you are an inspiration. I adore everything you do.

  10. I want to come and visit! Sorry Tom, I think I'm in love. Loi, I would love a coffee table book with your beautiful spaces in it...

  11. I'm a fan of Loi's talented and he has a kind heart!

  12. I too am a huge fan of Loi, and his warmth and kindness shine through in all he does. I feel blessed to have found him.
    I love your blog!

  13. Hi Ladies, thank you for sharing Loi;) A neat idea for a guest post and a cottage that we would all die for! PS .thanks for stopping by my humble abodexob

  14. Sounds so dreamy! I wonder if Loi and Tom will be annoyed when I move in with them? ;)

  15. the lay out is perfect for a small cottage! Love the plan, hope it does materialize someday. :-)

  16. This is the perfect cottage, perfectly furnished. I expect nothing less from Loi. Thank you so much for featuring him.

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  18. Great idea for a column. How fun to see others' dream spaces! Of course I love and want everything from Loi's dream cottage. Hope it happens soon, Loi.


  19. I just love Loi!! His spaces are always so beautifully appointed and peaceful. I could move right into this space. The Michael Smith fabric stopped me in my tracks. I am working on my own family room project and have been looking for a fabric with blues and black and this one is a beauty.
    You are so right about Loi's generous, kind, gentle spirit. He is a wonderful addition to blogland and fulfills a need we did not even realize we had.
    Beautiful post!!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  20. Hello Ladies,
    Thank you for giving us another 'bit' of Loi.
    I love his blog, and this post just confirms his inspiration and creativity.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  21. Hello Nancy and Bethany:
    How wonderful that we have discovered you via Loi at Tone and Tone. His ideas for a dream cottage exemplify his style of simplicity, elegance and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of fun. We are delighted that, through him, we have now become Followers of you too.

    Happy weekend!

  22. Nancy & Bethany,
    I'm so happy to discover your blog, thank's to Loi. Tone on Tone is a must read favorite of mine, I too feel like Loi is such a kind and generous man.
    Loi, I love your floor plan. You may remember I'm a huge fan of cottages. I really like your furnishings and the double use of the Lee chairs in the dining space.

  23. What a beautiful plan - and I just love that pottery!

  24. What I love about Loi's dream cottage is how it still so clearly reflects his design aesthetic, albeit in such a much more casual way, using a great mix of readily available products combined with antiques. And of course there needs to be a pitcher collection!

  25. Loi is the loveliest, most talented gentleman. Loi, your dream cottage is dreamy! I love the symmetrical floor plan and every element you have chosen.

  26. Loi is pure sunshine. Their dream cottage is amazing. I adore the painting!

  27. Happy New Year Nancy & Bethany. What I love most about Loi is that he thought to include a guest cottage just for little old me. Yes it is for me. OK, I'll race you for it! X

  28. If Nancy and Bethany love you the so do I.......but then again I already knew you were special:)

  29. Hello dear Nancy and Bethany!
    How wonderful of you to feature Loi's dream cottage...
    I agree with you wholeheartedly...Loi is one of the most talented and joyful bloggers I have met....
    You are quite fortunate to be able to visit his gorgeous shop and meet the wonderful Loi himself!
    All the best,
    - Irina

  30. Idyllic cottage. The floor plan is vary Paladian.


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