Thursday, January 10, 2013

you down with leather-bound?

You know the leather movement that's come back around as of late?  

I've always loved a little saddle leather (my inner equestrian) but I'm extra lovin' it these days paired with simple black and white.  Restoration Hardware had the best vignette (nothing too aviator, industrial or subwayish in this one) showcasing just that when Mom and I were doing some 'market research' the other day. Kinda like this.

But really it was set-up more like this.

Not surprisingly, your friend and mine - Craigslist, is a great resource to source some pretty inexpensive leather stuffs.  I'm usually pretty disappointing in our local Craigslist.  I would've thought the Nation's Capital would have some pretty good junk.  But I don't seem to find it.  Until yesterday.  I wish I needed half of the stuff I found.

Like this Chesterfield Settee.

And this leather club chair.

Or this wingback dude.

And my favorite fashion stylings seem to foreshadow the designs I like, too. Take a look.


And of course the works featured in Mom's post yesterday.

We also found these amazing leather chairs at one of my favorite stores, Arhaus.  For only $199 each!  I was mentally trying to find a place they needed to live in my cottage.

In the words of the late, great Ron Burgundy, I want my home to smell of rich mahogany and leather-bound books.  What say you?


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  1. I love a little time worn leather. As long as it stays this side of total cowboy I think its a good thing.

  2. Leather is not usually my thing but these images are making me reconsider and those Arhaus chairs are to die for!!! Funny, but I currently have 2 clients with leather furniture that needs to work into the room design, you've given me great food for thought here!

  3. Love, love, love the Ralph Lauren-esque leather vibe..... especially mixed with some high gloss black and a big dose of white. We have an oversized Henredon leather chair that we've had for almost 20 years and will never part with. Those Arhaus chairs would be such great, flexible pieces. If I were in the States.... I'd go buy them! :)

  4. You simply must have those Arhaus chairs. You'll find a place for them. They are perfection.

  5. Oh Craigslist, doesn't it make you wish you had a humongous house! Ha! I'm not usually a big fan for myself, but this inspiration is tempting!

  6. My local Craigslist has not been that great...I see so many wonderful items on blogs that people have found, but I haven't had much luck! Those chairs are fantastic....

  7. I gave away our leather couch. It was cold in the winter and sticky in the summer. I do love the leather tables and accessories.

  8. Aye! I have yet to get a good piece of real leather furniture though, so far I have a faux leather sectional, that's my take on leather. Those chairs are worth obsessing about Bethany, I wish to find a similar piece closer to our home. :-)

  9. Love leather for riding boots and handbags, but not for furniture. I think I'm too girlie. Love that you're quoting a Will Ferrell movie!

  10. I'm not normally drawn to leather in general. I wish I was, though. It's the perfect upholstery surface for kids and dogs (and husbands!)

  11. I am crazy in love with the worn and/or tufted leather revolution that's going on. I keep checking CL as well hoping and hoping that one day I'll luck out. For now, I drool over these rooms.

  12. Love the caramel saddle leather in furniture.
    The rich brown quality leather just seems to work in everywhere!

    Art by Karena

  13. I love this look. And I agree, the DC and Richmond Craigslists are seriously lacking. I am yet to find something awesome. And the few times I've wanted something they never respond. Loving all this leather. My husband will be very pleased to see I've crossed over!

  14. loves it! especially when it's aged, beat up leather.

  15. I like them, the idea of them, but must admit, I never win.

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