Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Puppy Update

Gibbs is doing great. He is gangly, goofy, soft, kissable, playful, very sleepy, curious and overall, a very good little man. (Oh, and those needle teeth!) He is slowly getting used to our home and our life as opposed to confined in a pen with his 10 other litter mates. We are crating him at night and he is sleeping from 11-6am.  (I'm finally fitting in here with the young mom bloggers!) Here are some shots of him this week:

(He doesn't care that I cut- off his head)

 Nicky and Gibbs ( this is the first close encounter that Nicholas tolerated, so maybe he's getting better.)

All locked up but not complaining! good boy!

I've taken up alot of the area rugs (too tempting!) and I've got baby gates in several of the rooms...there goes the decor! This weekend he is meeting the bulldogs --baby Seamus and Wilma. I'm curious how that will go. My prediction is Seamus will LOVE him 
(a fellow toddler at 12 weeks) and Wilma will be in Nicky's camp and HATE him.  These older dogs, all of 7 and 4 are acting like grumpy old folks, and not tolerating the youngsters.  There is alot of entertainment going on around here, and we are having a ball.

More updates next weekend.  Have a nice weekend!



  1. Nancy, he is so adorable and you are very lucky to be getting that many hours of sleep already! It took us awhile to get to that point! It is funny to see older dogs interact with puppies - they do act like annoyed old people, don't they? Enjoy your weekend snuggling that little darling!

  2. I had to laugh at your comment, "I'm finally fitting in here with the young mom bloggers." I raised two Labs while my children were young and a year ago we got another. His experience was so different from the other two dog because my girls are much older now. He really was like my baby, (even came into the bed a few times when I needed him to go back to sleep early in the morning!) I took him everywhere - even into shops. His personality totally reflects how adored he has been.

  3. Love puppies! It took our 3 year old Great Dane 4 months to tolerate or Springer Spaniel puppy. And two more months to love each other... Good luck! I had to remind myself that the potty training, chewing stage does end! Some times I felt like it would never end!
    Evidence that grumpy pups become friends:

  4. Soooooo adorable!!! I want a puppy, too!!!! :) I love Gibbs' big paws in the first photo. And Nicky needs his bang-bangs trimmed.....Panda and Mocha, too.

  5. So cute.....I love puppy's and how the smell so doesn't last long!

  6. Really so darn cute!! My Miss Belle Himalayan is sitting right here on my desk as I type!!

    2013 Artists Series

  7. Nancy, Gibbs is adorable!! Puppies are like take care of a baby...but so worth it! xx, Sherry


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