Thursday, January 3, 2013

Truth or Dare..My goals for 2013

Everyone is blogging about their New Year's goals and I thought if I put mine 'out there' I would have a better chance of owning them.  In my home I keep tweaking rooms ( hence the frequent redecorator) that are almost finished instead of tackling rooms that need major makeovers.  So here is my true confession list for the Powell side of Powell Brower for 2013:

1. Finish art grouping over the living room sofa. Going from this:

to a gallery wall of drawings I'm doing of my animals.. I've done 3 so far.( got to get my laser level out and get cream colored mats)

2. Laundry room makeover. This is the room everyone walks into in my home, and it needs to make a statement. New cabinetry, new laundry sink and faucet, new color, lighting, window treatment.

3. Powder Room update from the faux painting done 12 years ago. It will coordinate with the laundry room.

4. KITCHEN MIRACLE! I have the most embarrassing 1970's kitchen cabinets, all 42 of them, so I keep avoiding the re-do since I don't have the budget to replace them.  Also, MAJOR obstacle, my husband does NOT want me to paint them.  Gotta work on him, or get him drunk enough to agree, (that might be fun) and do something drastic this year.  This is my biggest goal of 2013.  Wish me luck.

5. Family room makeover. Paneling down ( Yes, this is my name is Nancy Powell, and this is my confession) and new drywall, paint, and a flooring miracle.

I'd better stop here, and get to work to make some money to fund all of my projects!  

Best wishes to all of you for a productive, happy and prosperous New Year.


P.S. Yes, there are alot of personal and business goals, but one confession at a time!

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  1. Oh the confessions!! I have them as well!! What is it about men and "natural brown wood!" I think very few of them want it painted ... but you can work it ... I have the faith!! xo

  2. Nancy, you are so funny! I'll give you two bits of advice: 1. Its is easier to get forgiveness than permission and 2. liquor is quicker! LOL!
    That is an ambitious list you have. We all think our own houses are worse than other people think they are.

  3. Does your husband enjoy home improvement projects? If you involve him in the process, show him photos of painted kitchen cabinets and talk about the ideas you have together, he might come around. I think you can do it - You have a whole year!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun projects Nancy, can't wait to see what you do! Good luck with the kitchen vs. your husband! I am sure you can wear him down some how on the painting of the cabinets, but if not, I am sure that new counters, backsplash, etc in addition to your creativity will yield a lovely new look in there!

  5. You must find a way to convince him. I agree with Kerry...what's he going to do, break up with you? Your laundry room is a good size. That powder room shouldn't be too difficult. I think you can do your list....although paneling and drywall are big projects. Good luck.

  6. What a great list! I agree with Kerry and Linda, send him away for the weekend and surprise him when he returns! I had paneling and was never so happy when I painted over it, maybe try that first for a quick fix. Have fun, cute friend!

  7. Nancy, somehow I believe about you that you are the type to accomplish goals or otherwise!

  8. I just know you'll be able to knock all of these goals out of the park Nancy:) Can't wait to follow along!


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